Attenuated Total Reflectance –  (ATR) Accessories for FT-IR Spectrometers

Single Reflection ATR, Multi-Reflection ATR, Temperature-Controlled ATR, Variable-Angle ATR, Video-ATR, ATR Fiber Probes and more

Single Reflection ATR Accessories


Quest ATR


The Quest ATR Accessory is a performance single-reflection ATR accessory from Specac designed for laboratory spectroscopic sample analysis in the mid- and far-infrared. With innovative optical design and durable monolithic diamond ATR crystal option, this sets the benchmark in performance and value for ATR spectroscopy.

IRIS Single Reflection Diamond ATR


The IRIS accessory is the go-to diamond ATR for every lab. It is designed to make IR sampling easy. You can expect high-quality spectra covering a wide range of samples from powders, gels, liquids, solids and more. It is ideal for research, QA/QC and sample identification. Data collection for most samples may be completed in less than one minute.

Golden Gate ATR

  Golden Gate Diamond ATR


The Golden Gate® is the world’s most versatile infrared sampling system.
It analyzes all types of samples, from hard solids to corrosive liquids, and it is easy to use, sensitive and robust.

Outstanding sensitivity is achieved using high pressure contact against a solid, type IIIa diamond, selected for its unparalleled sensitivity as a single reflection ATR element together with its unique physical and chemical stability.

SplitPea ATR


Harrick’s SplitPea™ is a horizontal ATR accessory with the smallest sampling area of any ATR accessory – less than 250 µm in diameter for its Si ATR crystal. The SplitPea™ is configured to apply localized, measured pressure to produce superior contact between the sample and the ATR crystal. This makes the it ideal for quick and easy spectroscopy measurements for a wide range of samples. These include: hard samples, like paint chips and combinatorial chemistry substrates; small samples, such as individual fibers and nanoliters of liquids; large samples, such as transparency film and defects thereon. 

Harrick SplitPea

Multi-Reflection ATR Accessories

Multi-reflection ATR



Multiple reflection ATR with 10 or 20 reflections. Interchangeable crystal configurations including ZnSe, Ge, AMTIR, KRS-5, and Si. Flat and trough plates available. Heating and flow through cell options.

Horizontal Attenuated Total Reflectance (HATR) accessories successfully replace constant path transmission cells, salt plates and KBr pellets used in the analysis of liquid, semi-liquid materials and solids. HATRs feature a constant and reproducible effective pathlength and are well suited for both qualitative and quantitative applications. 

 GateWay Multi-Reflection ATR


The Gateway ATR accessory is a six reflection horizontal ATR sampling system designed to fit into a wide range of FTIR spectrometers. Analyzed samples can be either liquid or solid, depending on which top plate assembly is used. Liquid flow top plate, heated top plate, and thermo-stabilised top plate options add to the versatility of this accessory for multi-reflection ATR analysis.

High Temperature Golden Gate ATR

ConcentratIR2 ATR


The ConcentratIR2™ is a miniature multiple-reflection ATR accessory, compatible with the smaller FTIR sample compartments. Designed for micro-liquid samples, it features interchangeable diamond and silicon ATR sampling plates. Both ATR configurations consist of a thin disk of silicon or diamond that is optically contacted to a special ZnSe optic. The silicon configuration has eleven internal reflections The diamond ATR has ten internal reflections.

 WafIR ATR Wafer Checker


The WafIR™ is a horizontal ATR accessory for analysis of monolayers and other thin coatings applied to one side of double-side polished wafers.  It features a 45° incident angle Si crystal to couple the light in and out of the wafers.  The WafIR incorporates a pressure applicator with pressure pads designed for optimal contact with minimal contact area and the contact area is outside the measured area.  The pressure applicator includes a slip-clutch to limit the total force applied to the sample and is compatible with a torque wrench for repeatability. 

Wafer ATR

Temperature Controlled ATR Accessories

 Golden Gate High-Temperature ATR


The High Temperature Golden Gate option enables analyses up to 300 oC, suitable for polymer studies and other temperature-ramping experiments.

The High Temperature Golden Gate ATR is controlled by a USB-connected controller operated through a software interface.

High Temperature Golden Gate ATR
Peltier ATR

MIRacle Peltier ATR


The MIRacle Peltier is a versatile temperature control option for your ATR accessory. Add it to your existing MIRacle or configure a new ATR.

The MIRacle ZnSe and Ge ATR Peltier plates offer temperature control ranging from 10 to 90 °C. The Peltier elements used to control temperature are very responsive, and provide rapid heating and cooling rates. 



The GladiATR™ has an optical design with the highest energy throughput, highest available pressure, and offering optional heated up to 300 °C or cooled crystal plates. With a monolithic diamond and all-reflective optics the spectral range spans from mid-IR into the far-IR.

Pike GladiATR
cryogenic ATR

Golden Gate Low-Temperature ATR


A low-temperature, high performance, FTIR accessory developed for the study of liquid and solid samples at low temperature. Based on the Golden Gate single-reflection diamond ATR accessory platform.


The low temperature range is from -150°C to 80°C. The system uses a thermally insulated copper and stainless steel dewar in conjunction with an integral heater.

Video Controlled ATR Accessories

Harrick VideoMVP

  Video-MVP ATR Microsampler


The VideoMVP™ offers all the advantages of a high performance diamond ATR accessory plus video imaging and optional force sensing capabilities. The VideoMVP™ features a convenient horizontal sampling with an active sampling area of less than 500 µm in diameter on its monolithic diamond. This makes it ideal for infrared spectroscopy measurements of extremely hard samples, abrasive powders, fibers, beads, and even corrosive materials. The video imaging system provides a real-time magnified view of the sample through the ATR crystal. This image can be seen on the built-in display or digitally captured for a permanent record.

GladiATR Vision ATR


The GladiATR Vision™ is a novel sampling tool which couples small area infrared analysis with simultaneous viewing. Samples are placed face down and positioned on the diamond crystal while its image is projected in real-time on the LCD screen. Finding and optimizing the sample placement for specific analysis areas is easy and fast!

Pike VeeMAX

  MicromATR Vision – Video ATR


The MicromATR Vision™ is an all new product designed to provide the highest available optical throughput in a monolithic diamond ATR accessory.

The small diameter of the crystal broadens the sample range from macro to microsampling. Integrated viewing optics with illumination of the sample through the diamond ATR crystal enables selection of discreet sample features and provides visual proof of sample contact.

Variable Angle ATR Accessories

ATRMax II Variable Angle ATR


The ATRMax II is a high throughput, variable angle horizontal ATR accessory.

The design employs a unique optical layout which enables samples to be analyzed over a range of incident angles from 25 to 65 degrees.

Pike VeeMAX

VariGATR Grazing Angle ATR


The VariGATR™ grazing angle ATR accessory is a revolutionary approach to the analysis of monolayers on semiconductor and metallic substrates. The VariGATR™ is variable angle, so the incident angle can be optimized for the highest sensitivity with these types of samples. Its specially designed pressure applicator is optimized for delivering good contact between the sample and the Ge ATR crystal. The VariGATR™ is excellent for rapid, repeatable measurements and provides at least an order of magnitude increase in sensitivity relative to grazing angle methods. In addition, it offers the convenience of an easy to use, fully prealigned, horizontal sampling accessory.

VeeMax III Variable Angle ATR


The VeeMAX III with ATR offers continuous variable angle of incidence and a variety of crystal plates to selectively control the depth of penetration of the IR beam into the sample. The design allows for constant purge, which is not broken upon sample loading,  and an integrated polarizer slot.  ATR applications include the study of layered samples, coatings, release agents, monolayers on silicon and chemical migration studies. The new electrochemical cell add-on is also available to be used with the VeeMAX.

Pike VeeMAX

ATR Reaction Cells

ATR Reaction cell

ReactorMAX ATR


ReactorMAX is a research-grade, variable angle ATR, designed for demanding applications that require high temperature and pressure. With automated control of the variable angle, spectral data may be easily optimized.

Variable angle of incidence provides experimental control over the depth of penetration of the IR beam into the sample and the number of beam reflections in the ATR crystal. Integrated reaction vessel may be pressurized up to 55 bar and heated to 215 C. Optional stirring is available.

Golden Gate In-Situ Reaction Cell


The In-Situ Reaction Cell for the Golden Gate ATR is used for monitoring processes in a heated and pressurised reactor by single-reflection ATR spectroscopy. A stirring mechanism is an optional add-on.

ATR Reaction cell

ATR Fiber Probes

ATR Reaction cell

PEEK ATR Probes for Lab


New designed IR fiber ATR probes with PEEK shaft are cost effective and perfect for use in small lab reactors and open vessels.
All ATR probes from FlexiSpec® product line are compatible to any type of FT-IR and other IR-spectrometers, photometers and sensors.

Standard ATR Probes


ATR immersion fiber optic probes with patented design are suitable for reaction monitoring in lab, pilot plant and for full automated process control.


ATR Loop Probe


ATR-Loop PIR-fiber probes are perfect for remote analysis of composition of liquids, pastes and soft surfaces with no need in sample preparation.
Loop fiber probe is the simplest one in FlexiSpec® product family to enable low cost ATR-spectroscopy.

Auto ATR Accessory

The new AutoATR greatly enhances productivity of large-scale studies and facilitates routine measurements for high-throughput labs. 

ATR Libraries

A continuously growing database with thousands ATR-FTIR spectra of a broad range of different materials subdivided into application specific sub-libraries to meet your specific analytical requirements.

KnowItAll IR Identification Pro

KnowItAll Spectroscopy Edition Software for advanced analysis

KnowItAll IR Spectral Library

Infrared spectroscopy is a powerful analytical technique that is used to identify and study the chemical composition of a wide range of materials. One key piece of equipment in this field is the Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer, which uses a beam of infrared light to excite the sample and then measures the resulting absorption of the light to determine the sample’s chemical makeup.

To help enhance the capabilities of FTIR spectrometers, a number of accessories are available that can be used in conjunction with the instrument. One of the most common of these accessories is the attenuated total reflectance (ATR) accessory, which is used to study the chemical composition of materials that are difficult or impossible to analyze using traditional transmission techniques.

ATR accessories work by allowing the infrared beam to penetrate the sample at a shallow angle, which results in a much higher percentage of the light being absorbed by the sample. This allows the spectrometer to obtain more accurate and detailed information about the sample’s chemical composition, even if the sample is opaque or has a rough or uneven surface.

Another advantage of ATR accessories is that they can be used to study samples that are in a liquid or solid form, without the need for any special preparation or sample preparation techniques. This makes them particularly useful for studying materials such as pharmaceuticals, food products, and other complex mixtures.

In addition to their enhanced analytical capabilities, ATR accessories also offer a number of other benefits. For example, they are typically very easy to use and require minimal sample preparation, which makes them ideal for use in busy laboratories. They are also highly sensitive, which allows for the detection of even small amounts of specific chemical compounds within a sample.

One important aspect of attenuated total reflectance (ATR) accessories for Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometers is the type of crystal that is used in the accessory. Different crystals have unique optical properties, and the choice of crystal can significantly affect the performance of the ATR accessory and the accuracy of the resulting spectra.

The most common type of crystal used in ATR accessories is diamond, which is known for its durability and resistance to damage. Diamond crystals are also highly transparent to infrared light, which makes them ideal for use in FTIR spectroscopy.

Other types of crystals that are commonly used in ATR accessories include zinc selenide (ZnSe), germanium (Ge), and silicon (Si). Each of these materials has its own unique properties that can make it well-suited for certain applications. For example, ZnSe is a low-cost alternative for e.g. the analysis of liquids, while Ge and Si are known for their lower depth of penetration, enabling the analysis of thin coatings on for example wafers.

Ultimately, the choice of crystal for an ATR accessory will depend on the specific requirements of the application and the type of sample being studied. By carefully considering the properties of the different types of crystals available, researchers can select the most appropriate material for their needs and ensure the best possible performance from their FTIR spectrometer.



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