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Hydraulic presses are an essential piece of equipment in many laboratories, particularly those that focus on sample preparation for techniques such as Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy. These techniques are commonly used to analyze the chemical composition of materials, and they require samples to be prepared in a specific way before they can be measured.

One way to prepare samples for FTIR and XRF analysis is to use a laboratory hydraulic press in conjunction with a pellet die. A hydraulic press applies pressure to a sample, which compacts it into a dense, uniform shape that is suitable for spectroscopic analysis. The pellet die is a specialized tool that is inserted into the hydraulic press and shapes the sample into a disc or cylinder, depending on the type of pellet die being used.

The use of a hydraulic press and pellet die allows for the efficient and consistent preparation of samples for FTIR and XRF analysis. The process is simple and straightforward, and it ensures that the samples are prepared in a uniform manner, which is critical for obtaining accurate and reproducible results.

In summary, laboratory hydraulic presses and pellet dies are an important tool for sample preparation in FTIR and XRF analysis. They provide a reliable and efficient way to prepare samples for spectroscopic analysis, and they help ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of the results.

Atlas Manual Hydraulic Press

Manual Hydraulic Press


The 15 ton and 25 ton Manual Hydraulic Presses have been designed to handle a wide variety of pressing applications. They are especially suited for the preparation of solid samples for XRF analysis and KBr discs for FTIR analysis Specac Evacuable Pellet Dies. The Presses can also be used with Specac Heated Platens for applications such as the preparation of thin polymer films

Power Press


The Power hydraulic press is available in 8 Ton, 15 Ton, and 25 Ton load configurations for industrial XRF applications and other laboratory sample pressing applications.

The presses enable the controlled release of applied load and can accommodate large samples up to 200mm in diameter. The LCD display show press status and load conditions giving a digital display of load applied. 

Atlas Power Press
Autotouch Press

  Autotouch Press

Automated Laboratory Press


The Autotouch Press features a compact footprint and large easily accessible working area, with interlocked front safety guard and stop button to keep the operator safe. Fully programmable load cycles ensure maximum consistency and repeatability of sample preparation for sensitive XRF, FTIR and other application measurements.

 APEX 400 Press

High Throughput XRF Sample prep


The APEX 400 hydraulic press is dedicated to the production of pressed pellets for XRF laboratories. It is a benchtop press designed for repetitive use in high-throughput testing environments and can produce sample pellets in steel rings, aluminium cups, or as unsupported pellets.

APEX 400 Hydraulic Press
Mini-Pellet Press

  Mini-Pellet Press


The Mini Pellet Press is an entry-level, handheld laboratory hydraulic press for the preparation of high-quality 7 mm KBr pellets for transmission FTIR analysis with up to 2 tons of pressure. Press can be purchased as part of a kit or on it’s own. With a rugged and durable design, this mini hydraulic press is intended for regular laboratory use with maintenance-free operation.  It is also portable.

Pixie Hydraulic Pellet Press


The PIKE Pixie is a portable hydraulic press for making high-quality KBr pellets. With the press’ ergonomic design, pellet making is easy and effortless. Pixie’s small footprint makes it ideal for limited bench-space environments and glove boxes, and for storability.

The pellet preparation involves loading of the powdered KBr/sample matrix into the die chamber and placing the assembled die onto the platform of the hydraulic press. Force up to 2.5 tons may be applied.

Pixie hand pellet press
Apex Die

Apex Quick Release Die

Automatic ejection


The Apex Quick Release Die improves pellet preparation workflow and speeds up sample throughput. Featuring a patented quick release mechanism, it combines with the Autotouch press to make a powerful high-throughput pellet pressing solution for XRF labs.

 Evacuable Pellet Dies


Make solid pellets from powder materials
Pellet dies are used to compress powders into solid form using a hydraulic press. Our pellets are made from the highest quality materials and manufactured to high dimensional tolerances to ensure the best results.
These pellet dies are particularly suited to making KBr pellets for FTIR spectroscopy and other spectroscopic techniques. However, almost any powder material can be compressed using these dies, including materials for solid-state chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and soil samples.

Pellet Dies

Heated Platens

Heated pressing surfaces that easily adapt to Specac hydraulic presses

Constant Thickness Film Maker

enables the analyst to produce thin samples of plastics and polymers for laboratory analysis

Mini-Film Maker

Handheld film-maker for infrared transmission spectroscopy


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