Portable, manual hydraulic pellet press. Applied force up to 2.5 tons.


Pike Pixie

The PIKE Pixie is a portable hydraulic press for making high-quality KBr pellets. With the press’ ergonomic design, pellet making is easy and effortless. Pixie’s small footprint makes it ideal for limited bench-space environments and glove boxes, and for storability. KBr pellets for IR transmission measurements are required by a number of standardized procedures, including some USLP and ASTM methods. Advantages of pellet making are spectral reproducibility and the ability to deal with relatively difficult or limited-mass samples.

The pellet preparation involves loading of the powdered KBr/sample matrix into the die chamber and placing the assembled die onto the platform of the hydraulic press. Force up to 2.5 tons may be applied. The die collar containing the newly formed pellet is placed into the designated holder and is positioned in the spectrometer’s 2 x 3” slide mount holder for measurement.


  • 7-mm diameter die
  • Applied force up to 2.5 tons
  • Integrated force gauge
  • Easy-to-use, ergonomic design
  • Small footprint

Ordering Information

181-1410 Pixie Hydraulic Press Package
Includes Pixie Hydraulic Pellet Press, 7-mm die set with two additional die collars, pellet holder, 35-mm agate mortar, KBr (50 g) and spoon spatula

162-1010 Premium Transmission Sampling Kit
Includes Pixie Hydraulic Pellet Press, sample preparation tools, mull liquids, cells, windows and cell holders required for preparation and analysis of solid and liquid samples

181-1400 Pixie Hydraulic Pellet Press

Options and Replacement Parts
161-1010 7-mm Die Set
161-1018 Single Pellet Holder for 7-mm pellets
161-1011 7-mm Collar
161-1020 7-mm Collar (10-pack)
160-8010 KBr Powder, 100 g
161-5035 Agate Mortar and Pestle, 35 mm
042-3035 Spatula – spoon
042-3050 Spatula – flat


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