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FTIR Spectrometers

Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy stands as a pivotal technique in various industries for its ability to rapidly analyze a wide range of samples with minimal preparation.

Bruker’s portfolio encompasses a spectrum of FT-IR spectrometers, from compact workhorses to portable instruments and feature-rich platforms, ensuring top-tier performance, quality construction, and intuitive operation.

These spectrometers boast exceptional spectral resolution, superior signal-to-noise ratios, and highly sensitive detectors, making them robust and reliable for daily use.

The accompanying software, OPUS, offers a seamless user experience with guided workflows for beginners and advanced features for experts.

This comprehensive approach positions Bruker’s FT-IR spectrometers as an indispensable tool for qualitative and quantitative analysis in research, quality control, and failure analysis.


Offers true laboratory performance in a mobile FT-IR spectrometer, with no need to sacrifice quality or reliability on the road.

The MOBILE-IR II is designed for field applications such as harm prevention, law enforcement, and industrial productivity, offering a portable solution for on-site quality control and substance identification.

Portable FT-IR
High-throughput FTIR spectroscopy

HTS-XT FTIR Microplate Reader


The HTS-XT is optimized for 96-, 384-, or 1536-well microplates, ideal for high-throughput FTIR spectroscopy in reflection or transmission modes.

This compact microplate reader extension provides comprehensive molecular information in a single measurement, making it a powerful tool for IR spectroscopy high-throughput applications.


TG-FT-IR Coupling, Evolved Gas Analysis, combines the quantitative capabilities of Thermogravimetry (TG) and the identification power of Fourier-Transform-Infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy for a robust analytical method.


Infrared Microscopes

Bruker is renowned as the innovation leader in Infrared microscopy, offering a comprehensive range of advanced μ-FT-IR and IR laser instrumentation.

Our microscopes boast the highest spatial resolution available, featuring our exclusive Focal Plane Array (FPA) imaging detector for ultra-detailed chemical images. With super-fast data acquisition capabilities, our FPA detectors can capture over 1000 spectra simultaneously, enabling rapid creation of detailed chemical images.

Our instruments are ultra-versatile, accommodating various measurement techniques such as transmission, reflection, and ATR, with spacious sample stages for unrestricted measurement possibilities.

Complementing our hardware, the OPUS software provides a feature-rich environment that caters to both beginners and experts, complete with assisted workflows, total control over the instrument, powerful AI tools, and extensive data presentation options.

Discover the pinnacle of micro vibrational spectroscopy with Bruker’s cutting-edge solutions.

LUMOS II FT-IR Microscope


The LUMOS II is a stand-alone FT-IR microscope known for its compactness and precision. It excels in various modes, including ATR, transmission, and reflection microscopy.

Key features include ultrafast chemical imaging with FPA technology, user-friendly operation suitable for beginners and experts, and innovative capabilities like 3D FocusFusion and adaptive k-means clustering.

Whether for failure analysis, material research, or particle analysis, the LUMOS II delivers high-quality results in a compact package.



The HYPERION II is a state-of-the-art FT-IR microscope designed for research and development, offering flexibility with its accessories and the unique ability to combine Infrared Laser Imaging (QCL) and FT-IR in one instrument.

It features innovative technology like spatial coherence reduction. This instrument sets new standards in ATR microscopy and IR imaging, providing full control to users over experiments, samples, and parameters.

The HYPERION II stands out for its versatility, precision, and adaptability, continuing the legacy of its predecessor with enhanced features for improved performance in daily research routines. It also introduces new functions like Adaptive K-means Clustering and Cluster ID for advanced data analysis, solidifying its position as a benchmark in FT-IR microscopy and imaging.

Raman Microscopes

Our Raman microscopes are engineered to deliver unparalleled accuracy and performance, ensuring that every measurement is not just data, but a step towards discovery.

With smart software integration and AI-assisted analysis, our instruments are designed to be user-friendly, allowing both novice and expert scientists to achieve reliable results with ease. Our commitment to maintaining calibration means you can trust the consistency of your research, focusing on insights rather than instrument upkeep.

Whether you’re exploring new materials or analyzing complex chemical compositions, our Raman microscopes are your partners in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Join us on a journey of exploration, powered by Bruker’s legacy of excellence in analytical instrumentation.

Cary 60 uv-vis

SENTERRA II Raman Microscope

The SENTERRA II is a highly automated confocal Raman microscope designed for efficient and precise Raman imaging, suitable for both quality control and scientific research. Its key features include SureCal™ technology for continuous calibration, class 1 laser safety, and high-performance chemical image generation.

The device is also adaptable, with an optional inverted microscope configuration for enhanced sample handling. The latest OPUS update introduces a Python Script Interface and an Adaptive K-means Clustering function for advanced data analysis and processing.

The SENTERRA II stands out for its automation, compact size, and user safety, making it an ideal tool for various applications in pharmaceuticals, materials science, and energy storage research.



The RAMANtouch is a state-of-the-art laser Raman microscope that revolutionized the field with its high-speed and high-resolution Raman imaging capabilities.


Raman Imaging

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