Mobile-IR II FT-IR Spectrometer


Unleash the Power of Laboratory-Grade FT-IR Spectroscopy – Anytime, Anywhere



The Bruker MOBILE-IR II FT-IR Spectrometer is a paradigm shift in infrared spectroscopy, offering full laboratory performance in a portable format. Designed for the scientist on the move, it ensures that high-quality spectral analysis is always within reach, without any compromise on performance, reliability, or spectral quality.

Key Features

  • Cryogen-Free MCT Detector (TE-MCT): Experience enhanced spectral power and reduced measurement times with our cutting-edge detector.
  • Internal High-Capacity Battery: Gain independence from external power sources for true in-field analysis.
  • Rugged Design (IP65): Withstand challenging environments with a design that’s protected against dust and water jets.
  • RockSolid™ Interferometer: Benefit from over a decade of proven stability and reliability for repeatable measurements.
  • Heatable Diamond ATR Crystal: Add versatility to your experiments with a crystal that can be heated for solvent evaporation or temperature-controlled studies.
  • OPUS TOUCH Operating Software: Navigate your analysis with ease, thanks to beginner-friendly software that requires minimal training.


  • Lab-Grade Performance: Achieve precise FT-IR results without the need for liquid nitrogen, wherever your research takes you.
  • Durability and Longevity: Trust in the long service life of high-quality components and extended warranties on key optical parts.
  • Data Integrity and Security: Rest assured with robust networking options, including cloud connectivity and secure data transfer.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Operate the spectrometer effortlessly with the ruggedized, IP65-protected tablet PC and intuitive software.


The MOBILE-IR II is not just an instrument; it’s a versatile tool for a variety of professionals, including:

  • Explorers and First Responders: Quickly identify hazardous substances in the field.
  • Law Enforcement: Analyze illegal substances on-site with lab-grade accuracy.
  • Industrial Productivity: Enhance quality control with in-situ analysis on production lines or warehouses.
  • Polymer Recycling: Sort and detect plastics on-the-go, streamlining the recycling process.

Ready for the Elements

The MOBILE-IR II is encased in a robust metal housing, ensuring that internal components are shielded from environmental factors, thus enhancing the instrument’s lifespan.

Mobility Redefined

Pack it, travel with it, and unpack it with ease. The MOBILE-IR II comes with a super-robust carry-case with wheels (IP67), making transportation safe and convenient.

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