ALPHA II FT-IR spectrometer

The ALPHA II is a compact FT-IR spectrometer with a footprint the size of a laptop. It is used for chemical analysis and enables you to do quality control, quantifications and verification of raw materials.


The FTIR spectrometer ALPHA II combines quality and ease-of-use in a compact shell. The integrated touch PC provides an intuitive user experience and guides you through measurement, evaluation and reporting in a matter of seconds.

The ALPHA II offers advanced stabilization of source and detector, high sensitivity and spectral resolution, as well es a wider spectral range. With its versatile QuickSnap™ measurement modules, the ALPHA II is extremely flexible and can be quickly adapted to a variety of quality control tasks at the push of a button.

It offers:

• Robust performance – RockSolid™
• Suitable for every sample type – QuickSnap™
• Longevity and maintenance-free operation – PermaSure™
• High warranty – Interferometer, source and ATR module
• No additional laptop or PC required (optional)
• Intuitive touch operation and easy handling
• Easy quality control of solids and liquids


Alpha II FT-IR Spectrometer Brochure

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