The HYPERION II is our versatile FT-IR microscope for research and development with flexible accessories and the possibility to combine Infrared Laser Imaging (QCL) and FT-IR in one instrument.


The HYPERION II microscope combines FT-IR and infrared laser imaging (ILIM) microscopy in a single instrument for the first time. It offers all three measurement modes: transmission, reflection and ATR.

Now, users have the unique opportunity to use an IR microscope that offers both, the reliability and precision of FT-IR and the tremendous speed advantage of IR laser imaging, all in one.

Together with our customers we are opening the door to the development of new and the optimization of existing IR methods. Acquire an FT-IR spectrum, select a suitable wavelength and create impressive chemical images in seconds using IR laser imaging.

• Selection of detectors for µ-FT-IR: Broad-, mid, narrow-band LN2-MCTs, thermoelectrically cooled (TE) MCT
• Focal-plane array detector for infrared imaging (64 x 64 or 128 x 128 pixel)
• Optional QCL implementation by Laser Infrared Imaging Module (ILIM, laser class 1)
• Objective lens selection: 3.5x/15x/36x IR, 20x ATR, 15x GIR, 4x/40x VIS
• High imaging speeds: 0.1 mm2per second (FPA, full spectrum); 6.4 mm2 per second (ILIM, single wavenumber)
• Selection of apertures: manual knife-edge, automated knife-edge aperture wheel. Metal apertures for NIR
• Selection of visual/optical tools: darkfield illumination, fluorescence illumination, VIS polarizers, IR polarizers, etc.
• Spectral range extension – from Near-Infrared (NIR) to Far-Infrared (FIR)
• Selection of accessories and sample stages: macro IR imaging accessory, cooling/heating stage, sample compartment, etc.


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