Apex Quick Release Die | Automatic ejection

The Apex Quick Release Die improves pellet preparation workflow and speeds up sample throughput. Featuring a patented quick release mechanism, it combines with the Autotouch press to make a powerful high-throughput pellet pressing solution for XRF labs.

Key features

  • Patented quick release mechanism Releases the finished pellet without needing to invert, disassemble or, handle the die during the pressing sequence.
  • Makes 32 mm or 40 mm diameter pellets Suitable for most XRF spectrometers.
  • Designed to work with Specac Autotouch, Power, and Manual Presses via dedicated adaptor plate and pressing anvil.


XRF Pellets – high throughput, high quality The Apex® Quick Release die makes XRF sample pellet preparation faster and simpler than ever before, and is available in 32mm and 40mm versions. The patented automatic pellet eject sleeve enables the release of the finished XRF pellet, without the requirement to reset the die at an inverted position, at the middle point of the sample pressing cycle.

  1. Following the compression of the sample, the release of load results in the ejector tabs swivelling into a pellet release position.
  2. Re-applying the load enables the completed XRF sample pellet to be pushed clear of the die body and released for user collection.

When used in conjunction with the Specac  Autotouch automatic Hydraulic Press, the two  steps can be programmed into the laboratory press to automatically and seamlessly take place in sequence, without manual intervention The Apex® Die improves the pellet preparation workflow as operators aren’t required to intervene part way through the cycle, freeing them up to be preparing the next sample during this time.



Apex Die 32 mm With 40 T / Press Anvil


Apex Die 32 mm With 8/15/25 T / Press Anvil


Apex Die 32 mm With 8/15/25 T / Press Anvil (Tungsten Carbide Cap)


Apex Die 40 mm With 40 T / Press Anvil


Apex Die 40 mm With 8/15/25 T / Press Anvil


Apex Die 40 mm With 8/15/25 T / Press Anvil (Tungsten Carbide Cap)


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