Mini-Pellet Press

A cost effective hydraulic press solution for FT-IR pellet preparation.


Specac Mini-Pellet Press

The Specac Mini-Pellet Press is an innovative low cost solution for the pressing of 7mm KBr pellets. Designed for use on a laboratory bench top, this dedicated KBr pellet press enables the user to create consistently high quality KBr pellets for transmission FT-IR analysis.

Incorporating full hydraulic operation, the Mini- Pellet Press enables the user to apply the required load for sample preparation through the simple rotation of a load knob. An integrated pressure gauge enables the user to apply a reproducible load resulting in high quality KBr pellets suitable for quantitative studies. With a rugged and durable design and an innovative sealed hydraulic unit, the press is intended for daily laboratory use with maintenance free operation.

The dedicated 7mm diameter Pellet Die Assembly is shaped to securely locate onto the lower piston of the press and includes a pellet ring in which the sample pellet is held after pressing. Once the KBr pellet is pressed this pellet ring is simply placed onto the special sample compartment mount, locating the sample directly into the IR beam for analysis.

The press is designed to be used on a laboratory bench top, but is small in size and light enough in weight to allow it to be moved to different points of use or stored when not required.

The Specac Mini-Pellet Press is also available as part of a Basic Solid Pack. This is equipped with a range of sample preparation components necessary for FT-IR solid sample analysis by transmission, including: the Mini-Pellet Press, a 7mm Pellet Die Assembly, 7mm Disc Holder for a standard 3” x 2” mount, a pair of spare Pellet Ring Holders, a Pestle and Mortar, and KBr Powder (50g).

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How to Press a KBr Pellet

Pellet preparation involves the use of a 7mm Pellet Die Assembly.

1) The sample material is blended with KBr (or other halide salt) powder and loaded into a pellet ring holder and anvil die assembly.


2) This assembly is then placed over the Mini-Pellet Press piston, the top lead screw is lowered, and a load applied.


3) After compressing the sample into a transparent pellet, the pellet ring holder can then be placed on a 3” x 2” slide-mounted disc holder.


4) directly in the spectrometer for analysis or, if necessary, the formed pellet can be removed from the ring holder and stored for later analysis.


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