Harrick ConcentratIR2™ Multiple Reflection ATR Accessory



The ConcentratIR2™ is a miniature multiple-reflection ATR accessory, compatible with the smaller FTIR sample compartments. Designed for micro-liquid samples, it features interchangeable diamond and silicon ATR sampling plates. Both ATR configurations consist of a thin disk of silicon or diamond that is optically contacted to a special ZnSe optic. The silicon configuration has eleven internal reflections with a nominal incident angle of 30° and is suitable for use from 4000 cm-1 to 650 cm-1. The diamond ATR has ten internal reflections with a nominal angle of incidence of 45° and has an approximate wavelength range from 4000 cm-1 to 550 cm-1; because of diamond lattice bands, the signal-to-noise ratio is limited in the vicinity of 2000 cm-1. Adjustments are provided to maximize performance and optical throughput. The ConcentratIR2™ is fully enclosed for rapid sample exchange with minimal interruption of the purge.

ConcentratIR2™ applications include infrared measurements of minute samples of liquids, pastes and slurries.  It is ideal for forensic, proteomic and quantity control.


  • Pre-aligned for easy start-up.
  • Rapid purging.
  • Little or no sample preparation.
  • Only 10 µl of sample required.
  • Easy clean up between samples.
  • Durable and sensitive ATR elements.
    • Si with a nominal incident angle of 30° and eleven reflections.
    • Extended Si with a nominal incident angle of 30° and twenty-three reflections.
    • Diamond with a nominal incident angle of 45° and ten reflections.
  • Optional liquid cells available.
    • Ambient flow cells with Luer Lock or Swagelok™ fittings.
    • Heated trough and flow cells for operation to 200° C.