ATR-FTIR Libraries

A continuously growing database with thousands ATR-FTIR spectra of a broad range of different materials subdivided into application specific sub-libraries to meet your specific analytical requirements.



ST-Japan ATR-FTIR Libraries


ATR-FTIR Database – Complete Collection L30001

This is the complete ATR-FTIR collection with 40.810 spectra. This database includes all spectra of databases L30002-1 – L30033.


Aldrich Database L10001

18.513 ATR-FTIR spectra of compounds from the Aldrich collection of the Sigma-Aldrich Company.


IChem Database L20001

13.557 ATR-FTIR spectra of compounds from fine chemical manufacturers in Japan.


The spectra of the following spectra databases are all included in the complete collection L30001:

Defined Polymers &Polymer Additives Database L30002-1

5.206 selected ATR-FTIR spectra of polymers, plastics, polymer additives, plasticizers and packing materials with well-defined structure and extensive sample information.

Commercial Polymers & Polymer Additives Database L30002-2

2.764 selected ATR-FTIR spectra of polymers, plastics, polymer additives, plasticizers and packing materials of commercial products.

Food Additives & Food Packaging Database L30003

4.239 ATR-FTIR spectra of substances added to food, including substances regulated by the FDA. Also spectra of indirect food

additives such as substances that come into contact with food such as packaging and processing substances.

Solvents Database L30004

1.313 ATR-FTIR spectra of solvents.

Organometallics & Silicon containing compoundsDatabase L30005

2.125 ATR-FTIR spectra of organometallic and silicon containing compounds.

Biochemicals Database L30006

7.529 ATR-FTIR spectra of biochemicals including vitamins, resins, starches, glycerides, fatty acids, sugars, carbohydrates, proteins and peptides.

Aldehydes & Ketones Database L30007

5.162 ATR-FTIR spectra of aliphatic and aromatic aldehydes and ketones.

Alcohols & Phenols Database L30008

3.700 ATR-FTIR spectra of Alcohols and Phenols.

Esters, Lactones, Anhydrides & Carboxylic Acids Database L30009

8.326 ATR-FTIR spectra of esters, lactones, anhydrides and carboxylic Acids.

Hydrocarbons & Halogenated Hydrocarbons Database L30010

1.141 ATR-FTIR spectra of hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbons.

Flavors, Fragrances, & Cosmetic Ingredients Database L30011

4.060 ATR-FTIR spectra of flavors, fragrances, and ingredients used in the cosmetic industry.

Pesticides Database L30012

3.211 selected ATR-FTIR spectra of pesticides including insecticides, herbicides, algaecides and fungicides

Semiconductor Chemicals Database L30013

1.379 selected ATR-FTIR spectra a of chemicals used in the Semiconductor industry.

Forensic Database L30014

3.770 ATR-FTIR spectra of compounds commonly of interest in the forensic laboratory.

Dyes, Pigments & Stains Database L30015

3.561 ATR-FTIR spectra of selected dyes, pigments, stains and indicators.

Sulfur & Phosphorus Database L30016

5.655 ATR-FTIR spectra of sulfur and phosphorus containing compounds.

Hazardous Chemicals Database L30017

6.698 ATR-FTIR spectra of selected chemicals included in the EPA Cameo Database for Chemical Emergencies and Responders and USCG Chris Hazardous Chemicals database.

Toxic Chemicals Database L30018

4.022 ATR-FTIR spectra of toxic chemicals included in the EPA Cameo Database for Chemical Emergencies and Responders, the USCG Chris Hazardous Chemicals database, the NIOSH Guide to Chemical Hazards Databases and including chemicals regulated under the Toxic Substances Control Act.

Inorganics Database L30019

808 ATR-FTIR spectra of inorganic materials.

Pharmaceuticals, Drugs & Antibiotics Database L30020

4.796 ATR-FTIR spectra of active substances and aids commonly used in pharmaceutical industry.

High Production Volume Chemicals Database L30021

2.032 ATR-FTIR spectra of substances included in the HPV Challenge Program Chemical List. The U.S. high production volume (HPV) chemicals are those, which are manufactured in or imported into the United States in amounts equal to or greater than one million pounds p.a.

Excipients Database L30022

1.492 ATR-FTIR spectra of pharmaceutical and cosmetic excipients.

White Powders Database L30023

714 ATR-FTIR spectra of commercially available white powders and white chemical substances.

Lubricants Database L30024

1.826 ATR-FTIR spectra of lubricants and oils, including motor specific oils, such as gear and hydraulic oils, anticorrosion oils, fuels, but also natural oils and essential oils.

Coatings Database L30025

2.433 ATR-FTIR spectra of common coating materials. Various types of coating including binders, fillers, resins, pigments, dyes.

Also typical types of enamels, primers, lacquers, powder coatings, stoving varnishes in fresh and cured form and many other compounds.

Paints Database L30026

3.426 ATR-FTIR spectra of art materials used in historical and modern paintings. This databases was developed especially for paintings renovators and conservators, art museums and for forensic purposes. It includes spectra of pigments (historical, inorganic, synthetic), fillers, binders, glues, varnishes, conservation materials, proteins, gums, oils, waxes, balsams, natural and synthetic resins, dispersions, dyes (natural, from plants and animals, synthetic), carbohydrates, and many other related compounds like typical solvents and polymers, cleaning agents, thickeners, retarders, chemicals and more.

Selected Pure Compounds Database L30027

5.000 ATR-FTIR spectra of selected pure compounds for educational institutions.

EuroPharm Database L30028

1.979 ATR-FTIR spectra of IR-relevant substances as described in the Reagents section of the European Pharmacopeia (7th edition) of other relevant active substances and aids commonly used in pharmaceutical formulations.

Environmental Pollutants Database L30029

780 ATR-FTIR spectra of environmental pollutants including polychlorinated biphenyls, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, phthalates and phenols.

Essential Oils Databases L30033

643 ATR-FTIR spectra of pure essential oils, carrier oils, additives used for dilution, stabilization and further refinement and pure component of essential oils.

Petrochemicals Databases L30034

1.212 ATR-FTIR spectra of a large range of aliphatic, aromatic and naphthenic organic chemicals and their important derivatives.

Further spectra of crude oils from different reservoirs and of typical mixtures of the crude oil refining process are included.


The spectra of the following spectra databases are NOT included in the complete collection L30001:

Explosives Database L30103

504 ATR-FTIR spectra of explosive materials such as nitrates esters, nitro-aromatics, nitramines, etc.

(Spectra are not included in L30001)

Takayama Plastic Additives ATR Database L30104

632 ATR-FTIR spectra of polymers, plasticizers, antioxidants, stabilizers, UV absorbers, fillers, etc. produced by Japanese chemical manufacturers. (Spectra not included in L30001)




All spectra databases are available in the following spectral formats:

 ABB – Horizon MB

 ACD/Labs – ACD/UV-IR Manager, SpecManager

 Agilent – (former Varian) Resolutions, Resolutions Pro v4.1(and later versions)

 Agilent – (former A2 Technologies) MicroLab PC™

 Agiltron, Inc

 BaySpec, Inc.

 BioRad/Sadtler – KnowItAll™, SearchMaster™

 Bruker – Opus

 B&WTek Inc.- BWID™

 DeltaNu (now SciAps)

 Enwave Optronics, Inc.

 Essential FTIR

 Foster and Freeman Ltd – FORAM FireWire, FORAM X3

 Galactic – Grams/32™, SpectralID

 Horiba/Jobin Yvon – LabSpec

 Jasco – Spectra Manager Suite


 Kaiser Optical Systems – Grams32™

 Lambda Solutions, Inc.

 LabCognition – Panorama™, irAnalyze™, RAMalyze™

 LabControl – Spectacle™

 Lumex – Spectralum™

 Methrom AG, Mira™

 Perkin Elmer – Spectrum

 Raman Systems, Inc. – RSIScan™

 Renishaw – WIRE™, Grams32™

 SersTech AB

 Shimadzu – LabSolutions IR, IRSolution™, HyperIR™

 Smiths Detection Ltd. (SensIR) – Hazmat™, QualID™, PharmID™

 S&I Spectroscopy & Imaging GmbH; TriVista

 Thermo Nicolet – Omnic™, Omnic Specta™

 WITec


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Spectra measured with ZnSe focusing optics cover the spectral range 4000 cm-1 to 650 cm-1

Spectra measured with KRS-5 focusing optics cover the spectral range 4000 cm-1 to 400 cm-1


Name, CAS number, molecular formula and additional information with most spectra*

 Expert spectroscopists continuously verify data

 Data input was checked using secondary verification

 Databases are delivered with resolutions compatible with your instrument software

 Lists of compounds/spectra in each database are available in pdf format

 All spectra databases are compatible with your instrument/search software