Harrick RangeIR™ Liquid Analyzer



The RangeIR™ is a powerful tool for the analysis of liquids, pastes, and gels under controlled temperatures up to 175°C. The unique design allows the safe use of the sample temperature itself in this control, an invaluable feature for rigorous studies. Reactants and reaction products can be monitored as a function of temperature. In addition, the RangeIR™ can be used for sensitive measurements on dissolved or suspended species, by using the elevated temperature to volatilize an interfering liquid.

The RangeIR™ allows routine quantitative and qualitative measurements on temperature-controlled liquids, pastes, and gels. Applications include real-time in-situ monitoring of reactants and reaction products in liquids as a function of temperature and analysis of dissolved or suspended species in interfering liquids.


  • Reproducible measurements.
  • Convenient trough for containing liquid samples.
  • Fixed 45° single reflection horizontal ATR configuration.
  • SuperCharged™ ZnSe ATR Crystal or Gemanium ATR Crystal.
  • Exchangeable ATR crystal.
  • Simple to align and use.
  • Safe, low-voltage heaters permit operation up to 175°C (Note: Germanium becomes optically opaque at temperatures exceeding 100°C.)
  • K-type thermocouple directly measures the sample temperature and flips out of the way for easy cleaning of the ATR crystal.
  • Secondary K-type thermocouple monitors the crystal temperature, permitting the cascade temperature regulation required as a fail-safe for high temperature operation.
  • PermaPurge™ for rapid purging of the FTIR system.
  • Requires the Low Voltage Temperature Controller for precise and safe regulation of the sample temperature, with options for direct, cascade, and computer control.
  • Available in a specialized configuration for trans fat analysis (see Harrick’s System data sheet).
  • SuperCharged™ ZnSe mounted ATR crystal or Ge ATR mounted crystal.
  • Two imbedded cartridge heaters.
  • Two K-type thermocouples.
  • Mating and PermaPurge™ hardware for the specified FT-IR spectrometer