MappIR and Map300

The Map300 is a fully automated accessory for the mapping analysis of wafers. Sampling may be performed in specular reflection or transmission mode. This accessory fits inside the sample compartment of most full size FTIR instruments. It can accept wafers up to 12 inches (300 mm) in diameter. Contact PIKE for custom mounts. Precision motion may be programmed in R-theta or Cartesian coordinates using the PIKE AutoPROTMsoftware. The optics of the accessory are purgeable, and fully purgeable enclosure for the sample is optional.

  • Automated transmission and specular reflection mapping of wafers
  • Up to 12 inch wafers
  • Custom wafer mounts available


Pike MappIR and Map 300 – Automated Analysis of Semiconductor Wafers

PIKE Technologies offers fully automated accessories for the analysis of semiconductor wafers. Our MappIR and MAP300 accessories provide for analysis of EPI, BPSG, Oxygen and Carbon in wafer sizes ranging from 2 to 12 inches (50 to 300 mm).

The MappIR and MAP300 have been developed to provide the semiconductor industry with reasonably priced, automated tools for research and quality control of silicon wafers. The MappIR was developed for the analysis of 8 inch (200 mm) and smaller semiconductor wafers.

The MAP300 is a larger version of this original design and it is capable of handling the newer 12 inch (300 mm) wafer formats. The operation, electronics and software are identical for both systems.

The MappIR and MAP300 accessories mount in the sample compartment of the FTIR spectrometer. Semiconductor wafers are held in place by spring-loaded Delrin retaining clips and are never in contact with the aluminum stage of the accessory. A standard size slot for a vacuum or mechanical wand is provided for ease of wafer handling. Individual wafers are rotated and/or translated by stepper motors in a sequence pre-programmed by the system operator.

To minimize interferences of water vapor and carbon dioxide with infrared measurements, the optical path of the accessories is equipped with purging lines and can be purged with dry air or nitrogen. To eliminate exposure to atmospheric interferences, a purge box providing full enclosure of the sampling area is offered as an option.

The accessories are controlled by AutoPRO software which provides a simple user interface for multiple point wafer analysis (mapping). Up to 320 points with 8 mm beam and 5 mm edge exclusion can be measured on a 12 inch wafer. The software provides ample flexibility in setting up various experiments.

The following are advantages of the AutoPRO package:

  • Graphical and intelligent user interface for setting-up mapping patterns
  • Selection of wafer size, IR beam diameter, and edge exclusion
  • Operator selectable or pre-defined multiple point maps
  • Polar and/or Cartesian coordinates options
  • Real-time display of the experiment status
  • Ability to save and recall various experimental patterns
  • Flexible, COM enabled interface
  • KLA and CSV file importer

Data collection and processing is provided by the spectrometer software. A number of FTIR manufacturers offer dedicated packages which fully integrate the accessory with the spectrometer. If such an option is not available, AutoPRO can be controlled by the spectrometer’s program via macros. AutoPRO is Windows compliant and when run separately, it allows configuration, programming and control of the accessory. The automated wafer testing systems are compatible with most commercial FTIR spectrometers and software packages.