Specac High Temperature High Pressure Cell

High technology products and modern industrial processes require in-situ analysis under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. The ability to recreate these conditions and spectroscopically analyse samples or monitor processes in the laboratory is provided by the Specac High Temperature/High Pressure Cell. The cell has been designed for high optical throughput and allows simple interchange between its multi-purpose analysis configurations, Transmission, Reflectance and Decomposition.





Specac High Temperature High Pressure Cell

The High Temperature High Pressure Cell (HTHP) Accessory is a multipurpose cell for the FTIR analysis of solid samples in transmission, decomposition, or specular reflectance modes. Sample temperatures up to 800ºC can be obtained and the cell can operate at pressures from vacuum (0.1 torr) to 1000 psi for in-situ reaction studies. 


The standard HTHP Cell can be used for transmission analysis of 13 mm diameter discs, or for decomposition spectral analysis of gases evolved from a solid sample held in a sample cup just below the beam height. Spectral reflectance measurements are facilitated by an alternative baseplate configuration with transfer optics, and with one of the standard window housings replaced with an angled window housing assembly. The parts required for this conversion are available as an upgrade kit, or provided as standard if the HTHP Cell is been ordered as the advanced version. Gas connections on the cell are provided for gas flow or purging purposes.


The HTHP Cell is manufactured predominantly from corrosion resistant and vacuum compatible materials. ZnSe windows and silicone seals are used as standard, but other window materials and seals can also be provided. Temperature control of the accessory is provided by a dedicated power controller.


Features and Benefits

  • Solid sample transmission, decomposition, or specular reflectance analysis
  • Easy interchange between analysis models
  • Temperatures up to 800°C, and pressures from vacuum to 1000 psi
  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Safety approved electronics and safety burst disc


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