Transmission Multi-SamplIR

The Transmission Multi-SamplIR accessory is designed to speed FTIR analysis. This accessory accommodates up to 18 samples for unattended analysis. Flexible test sequences are easily defined and automatically implemented. The Multi-SamplIR is ideal for analyzing a wide range of materials including films, slide, pellets, windows and large area samples.

  • In-compartment automated transmission sampling
  • Multiple point analysis on a single sample
  • Custom sampling plates and blanks


Pike Technologies Transmission Multi-SamplIR Accessory

The PIKE Technologies Transmission Multi-SamplIR accessory is designed to speed FTIR analysis. The accessory accommodates up to 18 samples (depending on sampling plate configuration) for unattended analysis. Flexible test sequences are easily defined and automatically implemented. This Multi-SamplIR is ideal for analyzing a wide range of materials, including films, slides, pellets, windows and large area samples like multilayer coated substrates.
Samples are conveniently mounted onto a sampling plate and held in place during the analysis. The plates can be configured for different sample quantities, types and geometries. The system can be set to perform automated mapping of the sample, producing transmission spectra as a function of position. Sampling plates are easily mounted on the support ring with spring-loaded clips, ensuring that the plate remains precisely located and correctly registered. The support ring mounts on the accessory’s drive and is rotated and translated laterally through a distance of 75 mm to
produce an R-theta motion covering the entire sampling range of the accessory.
Each system incorporates two precision stepper motors for rotation and translation of the plate. The motors are driven by the PIKE Motion Control Unit.
The operation is managed by PIKE Technologies AutoPRO software, which provides full user programmability and easy to learn “point-and-click” environment. Polar or X, Y coordinates may be used to define test points. AutoPRO software allows complex test sequences to be set up, stored as methods and implemented with full flexibility. The Motion Control Unit incorporates a smart power supply and works with 85–265 VAC, 47–63 Hz power lines.
The Transmission Multi-SamplIR accessory is designed to fit most FTIR spectrometers. Please contact us for more product details.

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