Multi-Purpose Sample Holder for Microscopes. With optional SliceIR unique attachment for enhanced cross section cutting.


ST-Japan Microvice: Multi-Purpose Sample Holder for Microscopes

The Micro Vice sample holder is a simple yet versatile tool to adjust and hold samples accurately for analysis with microscopes, stereoscopes, FTIR- and Raman microscopes. It efficiently supports microscope analysis of difficult shaped samples, fibers & films and all kind of samples up to a diameter of 40mm.

  • Holds round and unevenly shaped samples such as tablets, minerals, etc. in the desired position
  • Stretches accurately and holds polymer films, fibers, hair etc.
  • Tilts samples for correcting oblique sample orientation


In microscopic analysis it is often challenging to securely place your samples, such as tablets, gem stones, films or fibers in the exactly desired position.

With the MicroVice it is easy to hold round samples such as tablets under compression in the desired position, hold films and other flexible materials under tension and even stretch them.

The MicroVice – sample holder is designed to be easily attached to the stage of your light microscopes, stereoscopes and also on Infrared- and Raman-microscopes.



Securely Holding Tablets, Gem Stones, AND MINERALS, etc.

You can place your sample in the exactly desired position and tighten the two screw handles. The sample will be hold securely under compression. Even round samples can be easily held and won’t slip.

The clamps are cushioned and protect your sample from damage.

Holding and Stretching Fibers and Filmsmicrovice-pos

The sample holder is supplied with two small plates that are used for clamping taut and holding films, fibers, yarns, etc.

By using the two screw handles you can stretch the samples using tension by user defined increments.

Due to the design of the MicroVice exact parallel stretching of the samples is ensured.

Tilting Samples

Additionally, the fixed sample can also be tilted up to a certain angle for correcting oblique sample orientation.

Broad Range of Applications
  • FTIR-Microanalysis in pharmaceutical research and polymer analytics
  • Material characterization using FTIR micro spectroscopy
  • Forensic analysis of hair and fibers
  • Quality assurance in the packaging and textile industry
  • Mineralogical and gemological studies with stereo microscopes
  • Metallurgical examination of delimitations, cracks and other anomalies
  • Etc.