IRIS Single Reflection Diamond ATR



IRIS Single Reflection Diamond ATR

The IRIS accessory is the go-to diamond ATR for every lab. It is designed to make IR sampling easy. You can expect high-quality spectra covering a wide range of samples from powders, gels, liquids, solids and more. It is ideal for research, QA/QC and sample identification. Data collection for most samples may be completed in less than one minute.


  • High-performance diamond ATR
  • Precision optics and design for high energy throughput
  • Optional Ge ATR crystal for high refractive index samples
  • Additional sampling tools – Flow-Through Attachment and Liquids Retainer
  • Compatible with most FTIR instruments

The backbone of the IRIS is its high-precision optics. IRIS’ powered mirrors have been designed and processed using diamond- turning technology to achieve optimal performance. All mirrors are gold-coated for maximum reflectivity.

The diamond ATR crystal, with a diameter of 1.8 mm, offers the ultimate sampling surface for most all samples. It provides extreme hardness, and is suitable for testing samples with pH values between 1-14. The unique PTFE seal for the diamond ATR element in the stainless-steel mounting plate adds to IRIS’ universal applicability for the analysis of a wide range of organic and caustic samples, due to inertness of PTFE. Other commercial ATR accessories rely on an epoxy seal, which may dissolve over continuous exposure to some organic solvents.

IRIS diamond ATR plate uses a small crystal to maximize the energy passing through the diamond phonon bands, inherent to all diamonds, and a strong metal brace on the underneath side to prevent microscopic movements of the ATR crystal. Together these two features allow the diamond phonon bands to ratio out in sample spectra resulting in the highest quality data. PIKE Technologies offers two diamond plates. Our anti-reflective Toluene spectrum collected using IRIS diamond ATR.

is to optimize energy throughput. An uncoated diamond plate is also available to allow for measurements in the mid- and far-IR spectral regions. To offer the most flexibility, IRIS may also be fitted with a Ge ATR plate for measuring samples with a high refractive index. Types of samples that would benefit from using the Ge ATR crystal plate are carbon black filled samples and inorganic materials such as oxides, aluminas, titania and minerals. IRIS’ Ge element offers a wide transmission range spanning 4000 – 450 cm-1.

IRIS Sampling Tools

IRIS may be used with an optional Liquids Retainer and Volatiles Cover. The Liquids Retainer offers a trough configuration while the Volatiles Cover reduces the amount of evaporation when making IR measurements of highly volatile liquid samples. The High-Pressure Clamp is required, and serves to apply pressure to the u-bridge of the Liquids Retainer thus compressing a sealing PTFE O-ring positioned on the underneath side of the retainer trough.



The Flow-Through Attachment may be used for continuous monitoring, handling samples that pose a hazard, and are degraded from ambient exposure. The attachment is stainless steel with Luer fittings. Optional 1/16th inch compression fittings are available.




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