VideoMVP™ Single Reflection ATR Microsampler


The VideoMVP™ offers all the advantages of a high performance diamond ATR accessory plus video imaging and optional force sensing capabilities. The VideoMVP™ features a convenient horizontal sampling with an active sampling area of less than 500 µm in diameter on its monolithic diamond. This makes it ideal for infrared spectroscopy measurements of extremely hard samples, abrasive powders, fibers, beads, and even corrosive materials. The video imaging system provides a real-time magnified view of the sample through the ATR crystal. This image can be seen on the built-in display or digitally captured for a permanent record. Solid samples are compressed against the ATR crystal using the built-in pressure applicator. The pressure applicator features a slip clutch to prevent over-pressurization. An optional force sensor with digital read-out is available for precise measurement of the force applied to the sample and to reproducible apply lower force than delivered by the built-in slip clutch.


  • Monolithic hemispherical diamond mechanically retained in a chemically resistant holder.
  • Convenient horizontal sampling.
  • All reflective optics other than the ATR crystal.
  • Minimal sample preparation required.
  • Designed for optimal contact between the ATR element and solid samples.
  • Small sampling area: 500 µm in diameter with the diamond ATR crystal.
  • Incident angle: 45°.
  • Built-in pressure applicator with slip-clutch for reproducible calibrated pressure application.
  • PermaPurge™ for rapid purging of the system.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • Video imaging system for viewing through the diamond ATR includes:
    • Built-in LCD display on a rotating mount for easy viewing.
    • 120X magnification of the sample.
    • USB-video adapter and software for storing images.
  • Options:
    • Readily exchangeable Ge, ZnSe, Si and diamond ATR sampling plates.
    • Heatable sampling plates for operation up to 200°C with diamond, Si or ZnSe ATR crystals, 100°C with Ge.
    • Powder adapter for retaining powdered samples.
    • Flow-through liquid cell for static and flow applications.
    • Force sensor with digital read-out for precise force measurements.


  • Mounted, epoxy-free diamond ATR.
  • Built-in pressure applicator.
  • LCD display and USB-video adapter for video imaging.
  • Mating hardware for the specified FTIR spectrometer.