Harrick SplitPea ATR Accessory



Harrick’s SplitPea™ is a horizontal ATR accessory with the smallest sampling area of any ATR accessory – less than 250 µm in diameter for its Si ATR crystal. The SplitPea™ is configured to apply localized, measured pressure to produce superior contact between the sample and the ATR crystal. This makes the it ideal for quick and easy spectroscopy measurements for a wide range of samples. These include: hard samples, like paint chips and combinatorial chemistry substrates; small samples, such as individual fibers and nanoliters of liquids; large samples, such as transparency film and defects thereon. For positioning samples on the sampling area, a 50X viewing microscope is available. In addition to making ATR nanosampling simple and straightforward, the SplitPea™ features PermaPurge™ for rapid sample and crystal exchange without interrupting the purge of the spectrometer. The Harrick SplitPea™ HATR accessory is an innovative alternative to infrared microscopes, beam condensers, and diamond cells.


  • ATR and specular reflection capabilities provide application versatility.
  • High sample throughput due to little or no sample preparation.
  • Usually retains sample integrity.
  • Small sampling area – less than 250 µm in diameter for ATR with a silicon crystal.
  • Minimizes stray light due to the small sampling area.
  • Inert ATR crystals available for use from the NIR to the Far-IR.
  • Calibrated pressure applicator for reproducible ATR measurements.
  • Designed for optimal contact between the ATR crystal and hard surface solids.
  • Flip-up, streamlined pressure applicator for easy access to sampling area.
  • High energy throughput with DTGS detectors.
  • Harrick’s exclusive PermaPurge™ allows rapid sample and ATR crystal exchange without interrupting the purge of the FT-IR system.
  • Spill-resistant cover.
  • Upgrade to a 50X ViewThruPress™ for easier viewing of the sampling area.
  • Options include Flow-Through Liquid Cell and Heatable Sampling Plates for operation to 200°C.
  • Two ATR holders with mounted Si hemispheres or one ATR holder with a mounted diamond ATR hemisphere.
  • Powder Retainer for studying powders by ATR.
  • Specular reflection sample holder and alignment mirror.
  • Mating hardware for the specified FT-IR spectrometer.