WafIR™ ATR Wafer Checker





The WafIR™ is a horizontal ATR accessory for analysis of monolayers and other thin coatings applied to one side of double-side polished wafers.  It features a 45° incident angle Si crystal to couple the light in and out of the wafers.  The WafIR incorporates a pressure applicator with pressure pads designed for optimal contact with minimal contact area and the contact area is outside the measured area.  The pressure applicator includes a slip-clutch to limit the total force applied to the sample and is compatible with a torque wrench for repeatability.  The WafIR is fully enclosed for rapid purging and is compatible with most FTIR spectrometers.


  • Unobstructed, horizontal sampling surface accommodates wafers from 52 x 10 mm up to 203 mm (8″) in diameter.
  • Non-contact sampling method; contact with the coupling crystal is outside the measured area.
  • High sensitivity due to multiple reflections.
  • Provides 33 reflections from the coated surface for a 0.770 mm thick wafer.
  • Fixed 45° incident angle.
  • Replaceable Si coupling crystal.
  • Built-in slip-clutch limits the total force applied to the sample.
  • Unique pressure applicator with pads for minimal contact with the sample.
  • Easy to align and use.
  • PermaPurge™ for rapid sample exchange without interrupting the purge.


  • WafIR with Si coupling crystal.
  • Mating hardware for the specified spectrometer.


  • Ideal for infrared measurements to detect low level impurities and oxygen content in Si wafers.
  • Excellent for analyzing wafers used in the electronics, telecommunications and solar panel industries.
  • Extremely sensitive to SAMs and other coatings on single-side coated, double-side polished wafers.
  • Well suited for laboratory and QC applications.


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