Golden Gate Low Temperature ATR






Golden Gate Low Temperature ATR

A low-temperature, high performance, FTIR accessory developed for the study of liquid and solid samples at low temperature. Based on the Golden Gate single-reflection diamond ATR accessory platform.


High performance ATR measurement for low temperatures: The low temperature range is from -150°C to 80°C. The system uses a thermally insulated copper and stainless steel dewar in conjunction with an integral heater.

Robust construction: The diamond ATR element is high temperature metal bonded into a tungsten carbide disk, avoiding the use of adhesives or resins that may be dissolved or attacked by the chemical aggressiveness.

The high thermal conductivity of the diamond element is ideal for fast temperature equilibrium and accurate temperature measurement, reducing analysis time and increasing sample throughput. The analyser is equipped with a thermal protection system to prevent thermal runaway.


ATR crystal Monolithic diamond
Crystal sealing The diamond is sealed with a metal braze into a tungsten puck.
Angle of incidence 45o
Spectral range ZnSe lenses 5000-700 cm-1 KRS-5 lenses 6500-400 cm-1
Temperature range -150 – 80 oC
Fittings Dewer cap

Focusing optics 

The Golden Gate uses focusing lenses to achieve a tightly focused beam on the diamond ATR crystal. The standard lens material is ZnSe but KRS-5 lenses are also available as an option where access to the lower wavenumber region of the spectrum is required.


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