The MiniPlane is designed to cut hard & soft, non-embedded biological & industrial materials into thin slices for microanalysis.

The Mini-Plane permits to cut the cleanest thin sections most uniform in thickness.


ST-Japan MiniPlane

The MiniPlane enables you to shave off the surface of a material such as a polymer and cut a controlled and consistent sized section of uniform thickness optimized for measurement.

The blade depth can be adjusted, so that serial sections of the same thickness can be cut easily.



  • Provides excellent control & reproducibility of the section
  • Adjustable knife edge to control the thickness of the sample
  •  Allows you to cut sections of various thickness with the same knife
  • Reduces the mechanical damage to the specimen
  • Comfortable wooden handle provides ultimate control of blade
  • Replaceable blades save cost and add versatilitymini-plane

How to use the MiniPlane

  • Place the bottom surface guide of the Mini Plane on the sample surface.
  • Just pull the blade along the surface of the sample.
  • The section will curl off of the end of the blade as it is being cut.

Single Crystal Diamond Blade

  • Used for planning hard polymers, multi-layered samples with metallic content, cutting inorganic materials or coatings from metallic surfaces.
  • Ideal for cutting multilayer polymers
  • Cutting width of 0,7mm #STJ-01333


Carbide Steel Blade

  • Best used for cutting thin sections of most polymers, coated materials, tissue samples and hard samples.
  • Cutting width of 1,5 mm #STJ-01331


Application Areas

  • Polymer analysis
  • Coatings analysis
  • Multi layer materials
  • Inorganic materials
  • Tissue samples

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