ClearSampler – Sampling in the Hot Zone


Introducing ClearSampler: Fool-Proof Sampling in the Hot Zone and for Forensic applications.





Field portable ATR-FTIR chemical analyzers are powerful tools for identifying unknown powder and liquid samples. However, one of the main challenges in using these analyzers is simply getting the sample to your analyzer.
To overcome this often overlooked but critically important step in sample analysis, a new industry standard now exists that will solve all of your sampling needs: the ClearSampler™.
The ClearSampler has been optimized to work with ATR-FTIR instruments that have an integrated solid press design.

How it Works

1. Select a new sampling disc





2. Swab the sample of interest






3. Visually ensure that the sample has been acquired






4. Insert self-aligning disc in the sample has been acquired sample press and analyze

ClearSampler Chemical Sampling Kit

The ClearSampler chemical sampling kit consists of single use discs, a convenient carry case, and a ruggedized handle optimized for use with personal protective gear. The disc is constructed of a ruggedized material capable of collecting any powder, liquid or residue off of a variety of surfaces (ex: smooth, rough, cloth, metal, glass, wood, concrete), as well as hard to reach areas (ex: behind door handles). After conducting a sample collection and FTIR measurement, the deconable handle can be easily reloaded with a new disc for additional sample collections.


Unlike other swab materials, such as cotton tip applicators, the active surface of the ClearSampler has been specifically designed to have no FTIR absorption profile. As a result, the ClearSampler does not produce an interfering signal that masks the signal of the target chemical. This provides unprecedented accuracy in ATR-FTIR surface sampling and enables new applications in decon verification, explosives residues analysis, and hazardous material assessment.


• Powders in envelopes / leaky packages
• Powders and liquids off of broken glass
• Diffuse powders or granules on surfaces
• Powders and liquids on contaminated carpet and clothing
• Sheens on water surfaces
• Sample collection on rough surfaces such as wood, asphalt and concrete
• Sample collection in hard to reach areas (door handles, metal pipes, vehicle wheel wells)

Key Features

• Evidentiary Use: Used discs can be easily dropped into an evidentiary bag for archiving
• Self-Alignment: Results in perfect sample positioning every time
• Ruggedized Handle: Decon-able and can be easily used with personal protective gear

“The ClearSampler has been a life saver. We can now collect and measure any sample we encounter in the hot zone in a matter of seconds. This tool is a must for anybody using a HazMatID analyzer”
– Gabriel Benmoussa, Firefighter/Acting Captain, Metro Phoenix Fire Consortium

Whether it’s collecting residues off of broken glass, handling pipette tips with heavy gloves, or simply just trying to align your sample in the analyzer while looking through a face shield, sample collection and analysis in the field can be next to impossible without the proper tools. The ClearSampler solves all of these challenging needs by simplifying the entire sample- collection-to-identification process with an all-in-one solution, and sets a new industry standard in sample collection excellence.

Kaplan Scientific, is the official OSS Inc distributor for the Netherlands and Belgium

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