DiamondPen Cutter

The DiamondPen Cutter is a convenient take-along knife for routine sectioning of hard and soft biological and industrial materials.




ST-Japan DiamondPen Cutter

Precise free-hand cutting using flat scraper blade or sharp cutting blade
The DiamondPen Cutters have ultra sharp blades made of natural Diamond type Ia allowing you to easily perform cleanest cuts with minimum pressure and without tearing your sample.
The risk of sample distortion is minimal.
The DiamondPen Cutter with the flat blade can be used to easily shave off the surface of your sample and cut out contaminants of the surface even Diamond Pen Cutter_of hard and brittle materials.
The DiamondPen Cutter with the angled 45° blade is the go-to knife to cut most biological and industrial materials.


  • Blade material: Natural Diamond Type Ia: Extreme durable cutting edge for precise cuts
  • Two types of ultra sharp diamond blades: Flat blade (STJ-0199-F) and angled (45°) blade (STJ-0199-A)
  • Extraordinary sharpness and wear resistance for consistent and controlled cuts
  • Unique pen design with retractable blade makes the DiamondPen Cutter easy to use and safe to take along

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