Micro TouchPick Pen

The Micro TouchPick Pen is the world’s first tool which is capable of picking up small samples using a special adhesive. It is very easy to use.
Delicately picks up your sample without damaging it



ST-Japan Micro TouchPick Pen

This tool is especially helpful for manipulating small samples, such as thin films and samples difficult to pick up with tweezers.
By pressing the pen button the adhesive tip of the Micro TouchPick Pen extends out, so that you can pick up smallest particles. Samples will stick securely to the adhesive tip until you release the button. The tip is then retracted and the sample is dropped to the desired location. No detectable adhesive compound remains on your sample! The replaceable tip of the Micro TouchPick Pen can be used approximately 2.000 to 4.000 times.
To maintain good tip adhesion, a cleaning compound is provided in order to remove dust impurities from the tip, if needed.


  • Accurate sample retrieving and positioning
  • Excellent tip visibility
  • Extremely easy to use – everyone can use it in minutes
  • Ideal for very fragile samples
  • Reduced risk of sample damage
  • Adhesive strength maintained over a long period, adhesive tips are replaceable
  • No detectable residue left on sample
  • ¬†Two pens included to accommodate different size samples:
    – MT-4200 with a tip size of 0.62mm, approx. max. sample weight to be lifted with pen: 100mg*
    – MT-4400 with a tip size of 0.17mm, approx. max. sample weight to be lifted with pen: 3mg*


Application Areas

The Micro TouchPick Pen is ideal for picking up and precision handling of fragile samples of all sorts, including biological, industrial, archaeological and mineralogical samples.
The soft pen tip avoids cutting or damaging delicate particles such as hairs, fibers, papers, etc, so that the risk of sample damage is significantly reduced compared to other micro-tools.
Use it for handling

  • scratch sensitive samples
  • static and/or static sensitive components
  • soft specimens
  • magnetic specimens
  • etc.

The Micro TouchPick Pen supports the manufacture of extremely small components, the analysis of metallic deposits in technical research or the orientation and isolation of minute particles.
Broad spectrum of application areas:

  • Industrial research and production areas
  • Microelectronic and semiconductor industry
  • Micro assembly tasks
  • Microbiological & mineralogical applications
  • Forensic analysis of hairs, fibers, etc.
  • Material characterization using FTIR micro spectroscopy
  • Quality assurance in the packaging, cosmetic and textile industry
  • Biological and histological application
  • And many more


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