Solar Spectral Analysis Systems


• Measure Solar spectral irradiance in W/m^2, moles per second, PAR, PPFD, YPF with spectral resolution as good as 1nm.
• Solar radiation meters include a miniature spectrometer, a fiber optic cable (or direct attachment), a light collecting accessory/integrating sphere, and a NIST traceable intensity calibration
• Real-time built in applications for UV exposure monitoring & Spectral Matching to compare your simulator to the Sun
• Spectrometer configurations available to cover the 200-1700nm range




Instruments for Solar Monitoring The SolarRad (300-1100nm) and SolarRad-DSR (300-1700nm) spectrometer configurations are the perfect tools for making solar irradiance measurements of all kinds. They are popular tools for measuring solar simulators and artificial lighting for various solar energy, biological, and horticultural applications. The instruments are NIST calibrated to measure the spectral irradiance in units of watts per meter squared over the wavelength range in nanometers. The systems combine a BLACK-Comet concave grating spectrometer with a RED-Wave NIR instrument to capture a complete UV-VIS-NIR irradiance spectrum all in real time!  We have already chosen all the proper accessories, slit sizes, and calibrations that you may need and have packaged them into one system. You can also choose from a list of additional accessories and features to add to your system.

Most popular configuration. The SolarRad features everything needed to perform light measurements over the 300-1100nm wavelength range (with deep UV options available). At the heart of the system is the BLACK-Comet-CXR-SR concave grating spectrometer featuring a UV enhanced CCD detector The SolarRad-DSR  is a dual channel spectrometer system configured for wide range solar spectral irradiance measurements from 300-1700nm. This configuration combines a BLACK-Comet or BLUE-Wave spectrometer with a DWARF-Star NIR instrument to capture a complete UV-VIS-NIR irradiance spectrum all in real time! Add UV Monitoring Capabilities The SolarRad typically comes configured for irradiance measurements >300nm using NIST traceable Tungsten Halogen Lamps. Add further UV capability to your system with an IRRADCAL-UV UV calibration to your system.  This additional calibration uses a NIST traceable deuterium source to provide UV measurements 200-400nm!

Spectrometer for Grow Lamp Measurement

Solar & Solar Lamp Setup Configurations


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