RefractorReactor™ Grazing Angle Accessory



The Refractor™ Reactor is a valuable tool for grazing angle FT-IR studies of reactions on metal surfaces and on thin films on metal substrates. Samples can be heated to 500°C and pressurized up to 203 kPa (2 ATM).

The Refractor™ Reactor incorporates two wedged windows to refract the beam to and from the sample. This unique design results in a compact reaction chamber and avoids the energy losses associated with the short plane mirrors typically employed in grazing angle accessories.


  • Fixed 75° incident angle for high sensitivity to contaminants and thin films on metals.
  • Incorporates two SuperCharged™ ZnSe wedged windows to refract the beam to and from the sample. KRS-5 windows available by special order.
  • Maximum sample size 0.125″ thick by 1.7″ x 1″.
  • Heatable to 500°C for studying high temperature reactions by grazing angle reflectance.
  • Operable at pressures from 13 mPa (10-4 torr) to 203 kPa (2 ATM).
  • Highly efficient FT-IR accessory.
  • Designed for in-line use of a wire grid polarizer.
  • Two SuperCharged™ ZnSe wedged windows.
  • Alignment mirror.
  • Mating hardware for the specified infrared FT-IR spectrometer.