Harrick Praying Mantis™ Diffuse Reflection Accessory



The Praying Mantis™ was the first generally available diffuse reflection (DRIFTS) attachment and remains the forerunner in the field.

It is a highly efficient diffuse collection system that minimizes the detection of the specular component. Ellipsoids pivot to provide easy access to the sampling area and incorporates to 6:1, 90° off-axis ellipsoids which form a highly efficient diffuse reflection illumination and collection system. This unique configuration deflects the specular reflectance away from the collecting ellipsoid, minimizing the associated spectral distortions.

The Praying Mantis™ also can be configured to study materials and reactions in controlled environments with the appropriate diffuse reflectance reaction chamber.

Praying Mantis™ applications include easy and reliable diffuse reflection analysis of solids and powders by FT-IR and UV-VIS spectroscopy and analysis of catalysts and other powders in a temperature and/or pressure controlled environment.


  • Highly efficient collection system.
  • Minimizes the detection of the specular component.
  • Ellipsoids pivot to provide easy access to the sampling area.
  • Allows easy attachment of reaction chambers.
  • Several models offered for compatibility with a wide range of FTIR and UV-VIS spectrometers.
  • Harrick’s exclusive PermaPerge™ allows rapid exchange with minimal interruption of the system purge.
  • Optional references for FTIR and UV-VIS studies.
  • Praying Mantis:
    • Cart with two mounted alignment mirrors.
    • 10mm diameter diffuse reflectance sampling cup (0.25ml volume).
    • 3mm diameter adjustable microsampling cup (0.03ml volume) with funnel.
    • Mating hardware for the specified FTIR or UV-VIS spectrometer.
  • Praying Mantis Kit:
    • Praying Mantis.
    • High Temperature, Low Pressure Reaction Chamber with SiO2 or ZnSe windows.
    • Temperature Controller with USB to RS-485 adapter for computer control.
    • Sampling Tools: spatula, KBr powder, finger cots, mortar and pestle.