NIR FlexIR Fiber Optic Accessory

NIR Fiber Optic Accessory for Fast and Remote Sample Identification

Fiber optic NIR sampling accessory fitting into the NIR spectrometer sample compartment. Eliminates sample preparation.


The PIKE Near-IR (NIR) FlexIR™ fiber optic accessory is an excellent tool for remote and speedy analysis of a wide variety of materials.
Powders, plastics, coatings, and liquid samples are readily measured – typically within 30 seconds. The NIR FlexIR is ideal for performing incoming QC of materials used in pharmaceutical, polymer and chemical manufacturing.

NIR sampling is fast and efficient as it eliminates the need for sample preparation. The NIR FlexIR accessory further speeds analysis since the probe tip simply contacts the sample, often in drums, and the spectrum is collected. Powdered samples packaged within a plastic bag can be analyzed without removal from the bag, which further speeds analysis time and eliminates analyst exposure to chemical materials.

The NIR FlexIR is designed for maximum throughput and performance. The fiber optic cable is directly coupled to the integrated indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) detector – eliminating energy loss due to additional transfer optics and beam divergence.
With the optional Liquids Sampling Tip, it is easy to identify incoming liquids by inserting the wand tip into the liquid sample and collecting its spectrum.
The NIR FlexIR accessory is built and tested for optimum performance for your FTIR spectrometer.

NIR spectra incoming pharmaceuticals NIR spectra liquids

  • Fast, easy identification of solids and liquid samples in situ
  • 2 meter, low-OH fibers providing exceptional throughput and excellent spectral data with short analysis time
  • Spectral range from 1.0 to 2.5 microns (10,000 to 4000 cm-1)
  • Integrated, high-sensitivity, extended range InGaAs detector with electronics connection for your FTIR spectrometer
  • Standard SMA connectors providing maximum flexibility with fiber probes
  • Standard diffuse reflectance sampling tip with inert sapphire window for solid samples
  • Optional transflectance sampling tip for liquid samples
  • Compatible with most FTIR spectrometers configured for NIR operation


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