High Pressure Demountable Liquid Cell



The High Pressure Demountable Liquid Cells permit infrared transmission studies of pressurized liquids, mulls, and smears at elevated temperatures and pressures.  They are well suited for both laboratory and process control applications.

These liquid cells are made from chemically resistant 316 stainless steel and feature readily changed spacers for pathlenghts up to 5 mm.  Both are designed for operation up to 34.5 MPa (5000 psi) and are equipped with Swagelok fittings.  The temperature controlled cell is heatable to 240°C with low-voltage heaters for use with the Harrick Temperature Controller.


  • Variable pathlength (6µm to 1mm).
  • Easy to disassemble, clean and replace the windows.
  • 8mm clear aperture.
  • Chemically resistant 316 stainless steel body.
  • Includes two ports with 1/16″ Swagelok™ fittings for static and flow-through applications.
  • Sample slide plate mounted for easy installation in FTIR spectrometers.
  • Two models available.
    • High Pressure Liquid Transmission Cell for operation to 34.5 MPa (5000 psi).
    • Temperature-Controlled High Pressure Transmission Cell. Heatable to 200°C with Viton O-rings or 240°C with Kalrez O-rings. Thermally-insulated. Features flow-through coolant conduit, K-type thermocouple, and imbedded cartridge heaters. Maximum pressure depends on operating temperature and window material.
  • Optional stainless steel pathlength spacers available for pathlengths up to 5mm.
  • Stainless steel transmission cell, Viton O-rings, and mounting hardware for the windows.
  • Assorted pathlength spacers made of PTFE. One each of the following thicknesses: 6, 12, 25, 65, 100, 150, 250, 390, 500, 630, 750, and 950µm.
  • Heatable model includes thermocouple, low-voltage heaters, and cooling conduit.
  • Slide plate mounting.
  • Windows must be ordered separately.