Haze Measurement System


  • Measure % Haze, % Total Transmittance, and color of films, filters, plastics, liquids, and just about any optical element
  • Haze meter includes a fiber optic spectrometer, light source with integrated optical amplification and collimating lens, and custom haze measurement sphere with diffuse transmission port & optional sample clips
  • Measure all ranges from 0-100% Haze and Transmission with SpectraWiz L*a*b* CIELAB values
  • Custom StellarHaze Software for real time haze calculations
  • Research grade optical performance and repeatability



The StellarHaze System is preconfigured for total transmission and haze measurements and includes a compact fiber optic spectrometer, light source with integrated optical amplification and collimation lens, custom haze measurement sphere with diffuse transmission port and optional sample attachment clips.  The sphere is mounted on a breadboard with alignment track for easy positioning.


Modular and Compact
The modular system can be quickly assembled for measurement or broken down and stored in a rugged instrument case. Additional accessories can be purchased for reflectance or other spectroscopy applications.

What is Haze? The appearance of transparent materials can be tuned for their applications and can be quantified by their light scattering optical properties. The cloudiness or “haze” can be defined by the percentage of light transmission which deviates greater than 2.5 degrees.

StellarHaze System can be useful for quality control and research for a variety of applications and sample types.  Here are a few:

  • Filters and plastic sheets
  • Thin Films and bags
  • Liquids via cuvette
  • Diffusing plastics for lighting
  • Automotive glass and windows
  • Beverages


Haze Measurement App available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. This new App simultaneously measures CIELab color, total transmission, and Haze at the same time; a feature not previously available using our excel based Haze program!

Haze measurement





Measurement Procedure:
Haze measurements require a few measurements to be included into a formula and generate a haze value. Once all of the measurements are saved under the data tab, the haze value will be displayed on top of the software screen. Please follow the procedure below for the best results: