Handheld Absorbance Spectrophotometer

Handheld Absorbance Spectrophotometer for full-spectrum analysis & research-grade absorbance and colorimetry of solids, liquids, and powders from 350-1100nm with <1nm spectral resolution. The system displays real-time concentration based on linear calibration models. Color parameters such as CIE L*a*b* & RGB with visual graph & color swatch can be measured with the ColorWiz app preloaded on the system. ChemWiz incorporates research-grade BLUE-Wave spectrometer optics. Save spectra, concentrations, absorbances, and even color metrics. Export data as .ABS (absorbance) or .TRM (transmission) text files, screenshots, and/or PDF reports.





The ChemWiz Series 3 Handheld Absorbance Spectrophotometer is an easy-to-use, research-grade spectrophotometer for lab and field testing of chemical absorption with no additional setup required.

Compared to other handhelds, the ChemWiz contains a research-grade spectrometer with <1nm spectral resolution, making these instruments the first choice in reliable lab and field chemical analysis, R&D, and quality control.

  • Acquire full spectrum chemical analysis and concentration display of solids, liquids, and powders with appropriate accessories
  • Measure real-time absorption, create calibration methods and predict concentration.
  • Additional colorimetric analyses such as CIE L*a*b* & RGB with visual graph & color swatch (with the ColorWiz app)
  • Easily save a dE color reference and calculate color differences (with the ColorWiz app)
  • Save scope spectra, absorbance, and concentration data
  • Export data as text data files, screenshots, and/or PDF report
  • Integrated halogen light and included CUV-HH snap-on magnetic cuvette holder
  • Add a transmission dip probe for in-situ measurement
  • Add the snap-on reflectance fixture (RF-HH) for solid or powder samples
ChemWiz Series 3 Technical Specifications
Sensor: BLUE-Wave spectrometer with 2k pixel detector
Spectrometer range: 350-1150nm
Spectral Resolution: <1nm
Integrated Light Source: Halogen
Absorbance Geometry: 180 degree with CUV-HH
Digitizer Resolution: 16bit
Optics: Research Grade Crossed Czerny Turner
Wavelength Accuracy: <0.25nm
Absorbance Accuracy: +/-0.01 ABS (reference standard lamp)
Color Accuracy: +/-0.001 xy (reference standard lamp)
Tablet Specs: Android
Software included: ChemWiz Pro App, ColorWiz Pro App
Accessories for any Sample Type

The ChemWiz handheld absorbance spectrophotometer can be connected to a DP400-VISNIR transmission dip probe to measure in-situ or large batch samples.  Additionally, you can add solid surface reflectance accessories to your ChemWiz system such as the RF-HH reflectance fixture (which comes standard with the ColorWiz), R600 reflectance probe, probe lens, and/or 45-degree tip holder to add measurement function. Radiometric accessories and calibrations for spectral light measurement can also be added – turning your handheld spectrometer system into the most universal spectral analysis instrument in the galaxy!

ChemWiz Software Interface

Take a tour of our ChemWiz Pro software delivered on our new ChemWiz Handheld Spectrophotometer. This quick demo shows how to connect to the device, create or load an absorbance model using App Setup, modify Device Settings (if needed), take light and dark references, capture sample data, and save and review spectral data! This quick demo is just a tip of the iceberg as ChemWiz also features Episodic Data Capture, PDF reporting, and much more!

ChemWiz for Water Analysis

The ChemWiz absorbance spectrophotometer can be used in many different water analysis applications. From helping to improve environmental protection, analyzing the safety of potable water for consumption, and checking water quality in industrial applications where purity is critical. Chlorophyll, Iron (Fe), Nitrates, Phosphates, and APHA color can provide quantifiable data for precise water quality analysis.

Our ChemWiz handheld spectrophotometers can measure all wavelengths of light from 350-1100nm which allows the use of most chemical reagent-based test kits to help to classify the exact properties of chemical components found in various water sources. Precise absorption measurements help to identify and quantify the levels of these compounds, offering valuable information about water quality.

Nitrate analysis

ChemWiz Applications – Food & Beverage

Chemical absorbance and color play vitally important roles in the world in which we live. Color can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. This is true for humans and animals alike. It can tell us about the chemistry of things and also predict physical properties. Accurate and consistent concentration analysis is extremely important across many fields of research and in a variety of industrial applications. Use the ChemWiz to verify batch-to-batch colors with ease!

Dye color measurement

Take Control of Color Matching

Launch the ColorWiz App (included free) on your ChemWiz platform to take control of color matching.  Using the RGB color swatch you can easily verify the color you are measuring and use the values to choose a perfect color match.

color spectrophotometer