GASEX PORTA – Portable Gas analysis system


  • Optimized Gas cell and FTIR Assembly
  • Rohdium Chemical resitance Coatings
  • Resolution of 2 cm-1 (1 or 0.5 cm-1 on demand)
  • MCT Detector with high detectivity TE-cooled MCT detector 5000-830 cm-1 (2-12μm)
  • 5m heated gas cell with small volume (0.2L)
  • Battery Powered up to 8 hours field operation (heated)
  • Relatively compact (compared to other products on the market)
  • USB connectivity and SDK available
  • Cost effective


Transportable and standalone FTIR Gas analysis system ideal for on field measurements. Powerful module for gas analysis, based on our robust and approved “Rocket” FTIR with combined with a 5 meters optical path, low volume ( 0.2 Liter) multi-pass heated cell.

The ARCoptix Gasex module is the ideal product for system integrators looking for a customized and intergrable system. The Gasex system contains essentially 4 components:

The corrosion resistant gas cell can be heated up to 190 °C, which ensures that the sample stays in gaseous phase (and avoid condensation) even with high concentrations of H2O or corrosive gases. Many gases can be measured simultaneously like CO2, H2O, CO, NH3,NO, NO2, N2O, SO2, CH4, HF, HCl, and VOC´s. Limits of detection are typically around 1ppm and absolute precision of measured concentration is around a few percent (depending also of the quality of the calibrations and measurement conditions).

Gas analysis FTIR spectrum











Design Permanentely aligned, maintenance free, hermetic
Resolution [cm-1 ] 2 cm-1, 1 cm-1 or 0.5 cm-1
Spectral range [cm-1 ] 830 – 5000
Beam-splitter/ windows ZnSe
Wavenumber repetability <10ppm
Scan frequency 1 spectrum / second (resolution depended)
Control laser Temperature-stabilized
solid-state laser @850nm
Detector MCT,Thermoelectrically cooled;
D*=2.5e9 Jones
Signal to Noise ratio (at 0.5cm-1). 1 min scan time 1:35000
Operation Position independent
Absotrans(TM) Active suppression of Water and Carbon dioxide inside the interferometer housing
A/D converter 24 bit
Communication interface USB 2.0
Radiation source Glo-bar stabilized at 1550 K
Design Multi-pass, permanently aligned, directly matched to the FTIR
Path lenghth [m] 5 (other path lengths on demand)
Internal volume [Litres] 0.2
Zero gas loss > 3 dB (less than  50 %)
Operation temperature [°C]  -20  to 200 (not condensing)
Construction Aluminium with inert coating
Parabolic mirrors Aluminum body  with rhodium protected gold   coating
Heaters for stabilization at 180°C Electric 400 W  peak power, consumption in steady state:  around 30W
Thermostat PID (integrated or customizable)
Operation voltage of heaters 220 V, (customizable for other voltages)
Gas  connectors 6 mm Swagelock (customizable)
Communication USB 2.0 (optionally Wifi)
Operating temprature 0°C – 35°C
Operatings System Windows 64 bits
Power Autonomy 8 hours in heated regime
Dimensions [mm] 450 x 300 x 200
Total weight [kg] 13


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