Harrick FiberMate2™ Fiber Optic Coupler



The FiberMate2™ links your FT-IR or UV-Vis spectrometer to fiber optic probes. Equipped with large ellipsoidal mirrors, the FiberMate2™ efficiently transmits the UV-Vis or FTIR beam of the spectrometer through the fiber optic probe. The FiberMate2™ utilizes all reflective optics, optimizing the wavelength range of the fiber optic probe employed. FiberMate2™ comes with two SMA connectors for easy installation of the fiber optic probe and it is equipped with PermaPurge™ to maintain the purge of the system.

The FiberMate2™ interfaces external optical systems to the spectrometer and is well-suited for optical testing of fiber optics for photonics applications.


  • Beam condensing optics efficiently transmit light to and from fiber optic probes.
  • All reflective optics maximize the wavelength range of the fiber optics employed.
  • Two standard SMA connectors for easy installation of fiber optics probes.
  • Designed for use with visible, near-IR and mid-IR fiber optic probes.
  • Harrick’s exclusive PermaPurge™ enclosure eliminates interference from atmospheric infrared absorption bands in the infrared and protects against stray light in the UV-Vis.
  • Compatible with every major FT-IR spectrometer and some UV-Vis instruments.
  • Prealigned and ready for the most challenging fiber optic application.
  • Optional fiber optic probes available:
    • MultiLoop-MIR™ for infrared ATR measurements.
    • Omni-Diff for Vis-NIR and IR diffuse reflection measurements.
    • Omni-Spec for Vis-NIR and IR specular reflection measurements