Dual-Detector Super Range (DSR)


  • Dual Detector Super Range (DSR) for measurements from 200-2,300nm
  • Two instruments work as one updating spectral graph
  • UV-VIS detector array plus NIR-InGaAs arrays
  • Options for up to 8 channels
  • High Speed USB-2 interfaces





StellarNet Dual-Detector Super Range (DSR) spectrometer systems combine two instruments to cover the ultra violet, visible and near infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The two instruments work as one creating a unified spectral graph over the entire wavelength region, 200-2300nm.

The two instruments employ both a UV-VIS detector array and NIR-InGaAs array in order to cover the entire range. 2048 element UV-VIS detector with the option of 512 or 1024 elements in the NIR.

Various models allow for ranges from 200-1700, 280-1700, or 200-2300nm depending on the measurement specifications required. Like always StellarNet spectrometers are ruggedized for field or lab process measurements. A Miniature USB-Hub provides instrument PC interface.

The Dual-DSR system has many applications for spectroradiometry, food and drug QA/QC, and chemical process measurements due to its ability to probe the near infrared while simultaneously measuring sample UV and color spectrum.


Spectroradiometric Calibrations

  • Optional IRRAD-CAL turns system into a SpectroRadiometer covering 200-1700nm
  • Variety of accessories – reflectance probe/stand, transmission fixtures, and cuvettes for absorbance.

Sample Color and Composition

  • Measure sample CIELAB color and quantitative composition simultaneously
  • Fast, easy results with little to no sample prep using reflectance fixture.

These units are extremely ruggedized. The detector is bolted in position and military grade epoxy holds optics in place, making the instruments vibration tolerant, durable, and suitable for just about any lab and/or field measurement. A multi-band filter is integrated into the spectrograph to provide order sorting and prevent optical aliasing. The instruments optical input is attached via standard SMA-905 connector, using single strand fiber optic cable with typical silica core diameters of 400um, 600um, 1000um.

Dual UV-VIS-NIR System for Chemical Absorption Measurements (200-2300nm)
BLACK-Comet-SR Spectrometer
RED-Wave-NIRX-SR Spectrometer



Dual VIS-NIR System for Transmission of Optics (350-2300nm)
BLACK-Comet-CXR-SR Spectrometer
RED-Wave-NIRX-SR Spectrometer
SL1-Filter Visible Light Source
F600-VISNIR Fiber Optic Cable
F600-Y-VISNIR Y Fiber Optic Cable
TXF-4 Transmission Fixture


Dual SpectroReflectometer VIS-NIR (350-1700nm)
BLUE-Wave-VIS spectrometer
DWARF-Star NIR spectrometer
F600-Y-VISNIR fiber optic cable
CR2 Cosine Receptor



Item Dual-DSR Instruments(Mix & Match your favorite UV-VIS + NIR spectrometers- some examples below)
DSR-BW-DS-512 BLUE-Wave (VIS, CCD) plus DWARF-Star NIR-512 (InGaAs PDA) for 350-1700nm
DSR-CXR-512 UVN-SR (UV-VIS-NIR, CCD) plus NIR-512 (InGaAs PDA) for 200-1700nm
DSR-UVN-1024 UVN-SR (UV-VIS-NIR, CCD) plus NIR-1024 (InGaAs PDA) for 200-1700nm
Item DSR instruments listed below cannot be spectroradiometrically calibrated
DSR-CXR-512X Concave grating (UV-VIS, CCD) plus NIRX-512 (InGaAs PDA) for 280-2300nm
DSR-UVN-512X2 UVN-SR (UV-VIS-NIR, CCD) plus NIRX-512 (InGaAs PDA) for 200-2300nm
DSR-UVN-1024X UVN-SR (UV-VIS-NIR, CCD) plus NIRX-1024 (InGaAs PDA) for 200-2300nm