ARCoptix FT-NIR Rocket Spectrometer 0.9-2.6μm


Fibered near-infrared Fourier-transform spectrometer

TIf you are looking for a high performance, compact and affordable NIR spectrometer, the ARCoptix FT-NIR Rocket is the instrument that you need. Thanks to its permanently aligned interferometer and solid-state reference laser, the FT-NIR Rocket offers excellent stability in both intensity and wavelength scales. The FT-NIR Rocket is compatible with light sources and sampling accessories (like fibers, cuvette folder, …) typically used with array-detector based NIR spectrometers.

The FT-NIR Rocket is a high-performance system combining high resolution, broad wavelength range and excellent sensitivity. FT-NIR functioning principle permits to measure over a much broader range than grating spectrometers that are limited to 2100nm. Its outstanding stability in both wavelength and intensity scales makes it an ideal tool for highly reproducible chemometric analysis. In comparison to array-photodiode NIR spectrometers, the single photodiode operation of the FT-NIR ensures no defect pixels, no gain variation among pixels and no dark-current drifts. Also, the device does not suffer from stray-light as grating spectrometers. Finally, all these advantages come at a very attractive pricing!

Due to its functioning principle the FT-NIR is superior to any grating spectrometer on the market!

  • Wide wavelength range 0.9-2.6μm
  • High resolution 8cm-1
    (equivalent to <1nm@1um and <5nm@2.5um)
  • Excellent stability in intensity & wavelength scale stability (no dark current-induced drift, internal reference laser)
  • Very good sensitivity (very well adapted for diffuse reflectance)
  • Compact and rugger, easy-to-use fiber input system
  • Cost effective (single NIR photodiode)



Transmission measurement

The sketch below shows a typical configuration for using the FT-NIR Rocket for transmission measurements. In addition to the spectrometer, you will need one NIR light source, a cuvette/sample holder and 2 NIR optical fibers.


ArcLight NIR lamps

The ARCoptix ArcLight NIR is the version of our lamp optimized for the VIS-NIR (400 – 4,000nm) spectral range. It uses a high temperature (>2850 K) and is available in versions from 5 to 20W. The lamp has a removable fiber coupler SMA-905 connector.





Cuvette / sample holder (CUV-NIR)

The CUV-NIR is a cuvette holder ideal for the visible to near-infrared (0.4-2.6 microns). It comes with 2 fiber collimators / fiber couplers with SMA-905 connectors. The sample slot is 12.5mm wide, thus accepting glass cuvettes with an optical path of up to 10mm. The CUV-NIR has an additional slot to hold a filter, e.g to reduce heating of the sample and shot noise due to light out of the spectral range of interest.









Diffuse reflection measurement

Another typical measurement configuration is diffuse reflectance. There are several possible configurations, among which a very good one is to use our internally illuminated integrating sphere, as shown in the illustration below.

Integrating sphere with internal light source (ArcSphere-50-Hal)

The ArcSphere-50-Hal is an integrating sphere with internal halogen light source for diffuse reflection VIS/NIR measurements. The ArcSphere-50-Hal has an internal
diameter of 50mm, a sample port diameter of 10mm, and an SMA-905 fiber connector to connect to the spectrometer.
The internally illuminated integrating sphere provides a much stronger signal than spheres illuminated via fiber optic coupled.

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