RED-Wave EXtended Range NIR Spectrometer


  • Measurements from 900-2300nm (0.90-2.30 um)
  • For NIR measurements and applications requiring wide spectral range
  • 512 or 1024 pixel extended range InGaAs Photo Diode Array
  • Integrated 2-stage thermo electric cooler set to operate at -30 deg C
  • Design enhancements increase air flow and utilize a specialized heat sink for added stability





StellarNet’s high performance InGaAs extended range spectrometers cover the NIR wavelength range from 0.9-2.3μm in one unit. The spectrometers are exceptionally robust with no moving parts and are packaged in small rugged metal enclosure (2.75” x 4” x 6”) for portable, processes, and lab applications. The InGaAs detector is a Sensors Unlimited linear photo diode array with 512 pixels (1024 optional) 25μm by 250μm tall to provide best signal performance. The detector has an integrated two-stage thermo electric cooler (TEC) maintained at –20 °C, stabilized within +/-0.1°C. The RED-Wave-NIRX-SR-InGaAs spectrometers use single strand SMA 905 fiber optic input.

NIR applications include chemical ID and moisture analysis, SpectroRadiometry and optical power measurements, laser characterization, microsensor applications, and thicker thin-film measurements.


Specifications           Zero defect 512 detector RED-Wave-NIRX-SR Spectrometer
Dynamic range:                     4000:1 with 6 decades Dimensions:                             150 x 100 x 68.8 mm
Resolving resolution:            13nm with 25μm slit Power consumption:               2 Amps @ 5 VDC
InGaAs Detector:             512 or 1024 pixel cooled PDA Interface:                                  USB-2 and Parallel
Detector range:                    0.9-2.3μm   (900-2300nm) Data transfer speed:               40x faster than USB-1
Pixel size:                              25um x 250um Detector Integration:               1 millisecond to 200ms
Pixel well depth:                  130 x108 electrons Slit size options:                       25um for optimum performance
Selectable well control:      130 x108  or  5 x106 el. Operating systems:                 Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, & 10
Signal to noise:                  12000:1 with 2x TEC cooling Software included:                  SpectraWiz program & apps
Digitizer:                                16-bit Also free programs for:          LabView,Excel+VBA,Delphi


Standard Models

InGaAs Model Number of Elements Spectrometer   Range (nm) Grating      (g/mm) Grating Range (nm) Dispersion (nm/pixel) Estimated Resolving Resolution
NIRX-SR 512 900-2300 300 1400nm 5.3 <13nm
NIRX-SR 1024 900-2300 600 1400nm 2.7 <7nm