Here is a short list that highlights some of our products. Please visit our Products page for more information or Contact us to receive a solution specific for your needs.

Specac Quest ATR
Specac Quest ATR
A high performance and value accessory with a monolithic diamond ATR crystal option

Specac Mini-Pellet Press
A very convenient hydraulic press for the preparation of 7 mm KBr pellets for transmission IR analysis


Specac Pearl
Specac Pearl Accessory
The innovation for analyzing liquids with IR spectroscopy. It is faster, more reliable and offers better accuracy than traditional liquid cells
Microvice SliceIR
The SliceIR
a unique attachment for the MicroVice sample holder for enhanced cross sectioning.


diamond-ex-compression-cell, highest quality and lowest cost micro compression cell available
Infrared Spectral Detector for TGA/IR
Infrared Spectral Detector, Fully integrated and affordable TGA/IR Evolved Gas Analyzer
GladiATR, high throughput and high pressure ATR with a heater option
Fiber Optic ATR probes
Fiber Optic ATR probes, latest generation probes compatible with all spectrometer models
Lighthouse Probe for Solids, patented process interface for powders and bulk material
ATR Elements Sample Carrier, Unique very low priced disposable ATR crystals also providing signal enhancement
IR Analyze FTIR Interpretation Software
IR Analyze FTIR Interpretation Software, Identify functional groups from the spectrum peaks