I am really excited to announce the start of my new company called Kaplan Scientific!

Spectroscopy Partner

It is an honor to start serving you and being your spectroscopy partner in the Netherlands and Belgium. You can rely on Kaplan Scientific, providing solutions for your spectroscopic challenges.

FTIR, NIR, Raman, UV/Vis

Kaplan Scientific will offer state-of-the-art spectrometers, not only for the lab environment but also for on line process measurements and for measurements in the field. Our instrument portfolio will cover FTIR, NIR, Raman, UV/Vis techniques.
Besides the instruments, you can update your existing instrument(s) with the most innovative accessories, very extensive list of consumables, spectral libraries and interpretation software.

Our accessories, spectral libraries and supplies are compatible with your existing spectrometer. You can get solutions for e.g. the following spectrometers:

Nicolet iS5, Nicolet iS10 and Nicolet iS50, Nicolet iN10, Nicolet Continuum, Bruker Alpha, Bruker Tensor, Bruker Vector, Perkin Elmer Spectrum Two, Perkin Elmer Frontier, Perkin Elmer Spotlight, Agilent Cary 620, Agilent Cary 670, Shimadzu IRAffinity, Shimadzu IRTracer and others.

Contact us to discuss your specific challenging needs.