The SurveyIRVS is designed to deliver microanalysis capabilities to the widest range of sample substrate sizes and shapes. 

The innovative design of SurveyIRVS decouples the stage from the optical microscope. This unique variable stage (VS) implementation permits easy FT-IR microscope analysis of a large range of specimen geometries. The alignment free optical design enables simple accessory installation into
virtually any FT-IR spectrometer sample compartment.

Inspecting polished granite countertop slab

  • Reflection and diamond attenuated total reflection (ATR)
  • Detached variable sample stage
  • Oblique and reflection illumination
  • Mounts to your FT-IR
  • Simultaneous view and IR
  • Spotâ„¢ software for image viewing, capture and function control
Video micrograph of two sections on a commercial
aluminum can
IR spectra of both sections of the
aluminum can showing differences in pigmentation