SurveyIR Microscope

The SurveyIR is a compact low-cost FTIR Microscope that is compatible with your existing spectrometer. Upgrade your instrument and add micron scale identification capability.

The SurveyIR provides the analytical power of an infrared microscope at the price point of a sample compartment accessory.

High Quality Low-Cost Infrared Microscopy

The SurveyIR’s compact configuration and alignment free optical design facilitates simple mounting in the FTIR spectrometer sample compartment.

Research grade visual images are produced via a high resolution color video camera. High depth of field viewing optics facilitate quick specimen location and alignment in reflection, transmission and Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) viewing modes.

Clip-on View-Through Diamond ATR

Sample manipulation is accomplished by manual adjustment of standard microscope controls including 1 x 3 inch travel x, y stage, coarse/fine focus, and condenser focus.

eSpot software

Innovative Features

  • Drops into most commercially available FT-IR spectrometers with no alignment
  • IR collection in transmission, reflection and ATR modes
  • Transmission, Reflection, and Oblique (dark field) illumination modes
  • Clip-on ATR crystal disks available in Diamond, Germanium and Zinc Selenide
  • Complete mid-IR and far-IR spectral range, limited only by spectrometer optics
  • 2X optical magnification yields 0.7µm/pixel at the sample plane
  • eSpot software controls variable illumination, IR collection mode, variable image mask and ATR contact alert
  • Variable image masks from 2000 to 60µm controlled via eSpot software
  • Powered through computer USB 2.0 cable, +5V DC