If you are looking for high performance & compact Mid-IR spectrometer, that can operate both free-space or with IR optical fibers, the ARCoptix FT-IR Rocket is the instrument that you need. Thanks to its permanently aligned interferometer and solid-state reference laser, the FT-MIR Rocket offers excellent stability in both intensity and wavelength scales. Two spectral ranges are available, depending on your needs for high sensitivity or broad spectral range.

It is a plug-and-play instrument including an IR source, high-stability interferometer, IR detector and SMA fiber couplers. The instrument was especially developed with process-monitoring applications in mind, using for example fibered ATR probes or other fibred sensing probes.

  • Ideal for operation with fibered probes
  • All-in-one solution: source, interferometer, detector and fiber-couplers
  • Most compact fiber-coupled FT-IR on the market
  • Available with TE-cooled or liquid-nitrogen cooled MCT detectors