Portable FTIR Forensics Analyzer

FTIR spectroscopy is a proven, powerful technology for the analysis of illegal substances and potentially hazardous compounds. The identity of an unknown liquid or solid substance can be determined in less than one minute with little or no sample preparation required, making identification of unknown substances rapid and easy to use.

phthalate analyzerThe 4500a Portable FTIR system with single reflection diamond ATR sampling device is designed for use in some of the most demanding environments.
The diamond ATR sampling interface requires little or no sample preparation and is chemically resistant to virtually all compounds that will be measured.
Included with the 4500a is a PDA device, which runs Agilent’s MicroLab Mobile software, eliminating the need for a PC at the point of analysis.

4500-forensics-ftirIn addition to class leading performance and ruggedness, what makes the Agilent’s Portable FTIR Package stand out is the addition of a comprehensive library. The ATR Forensics Library for Agilent Mobile FTIR contains 13,137 spectra specifically selected for the forensics market containing materials categorized as bio-chemicals, forensics, white powders, hazardous and toxic chemicals, HPV chemicals, food additives and explosives. This creates one of the most comprehensive forensic FTIR databases.



Product Highlights:

  • Small and lightweight – made for field use
  • Highly accurate mid-IR analysis
  • No sample preparation
  • Internal 4 hour battery
  • USB connection to any computer, if necessary
  • Integrated sampling interface
  • Water-resistant for inclement weather conditions


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Posted on

18 December, 2016