Horiba XploRA Plus

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Raman imaging has never been so fast!



XploRA PLUS: Research

XploRA Plus Brochure

The XploRA PLUS incorporates unique and powerful functions in a reliable, high performance system, ideally suited to the research and analytical lab.

It is fully confocal, not compromising image quality, spatial or depth resolution. The SWIFT Fast Raman images are the fastest fully confocal Raman images available, typically 10x faster than conventional Raman imaging.

The simplicity and power of the XploRA PLUS is unmatched with an enhanced range of options such as multiple laser wavelengths, EMCCD detection, Raman polarisation and even Raman-AFM combination.




With the groundbreaking EasyNavTM package, it is fast and easy to navigate in-focus, in real-time, to identify the region of interest and obtain sharp, clear Raman chemical images. HORIBA NavMap + NavSharp + ViewSharp apps can be used together or separately to deliver a powerful user experience for all Raman users.




  • SWIFTTM 10x faster Raman imaging
  • Improved detection and sensitivity
  • Full Confocality  for complete image detail
  • Full optical microscope so you can see your samples
  • Maximum detail, resolution and range for enhanced spectroscopy
  • HORIBA’s OneClick easy Raman analysis
  • NIST traceable and patented Autocalibration options for validated results
  • Ultimate optical stability- robust, reliable, long term operation
  • Automated operation offering simple, powerful reliability
  • 2 year base unit warranty as standard
Second generation SWIFT ultra-fast Raman imaging

Second generation SWIFT ultra-fast Raman imaging, showing real time hyperspectral Raman image acquisition on a structured semiconductor device, with 40,200 spectra acquired in less than 50 seconds.

Future-proof Expansion

  • Compatible with atomic force microscopes for combined Raman-AFM and TERS (Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy)
  • Multiple laser wavelengths – ensures optimal results and minimised fluorescence interference from the widest range of sample types
  • Full system automation with software control and intuitive operation – non-expert operators can get results fast
  • Comprehensive Raman spectral libraries for fast Raman chemical identification
  • Automated particle location and chemical ID with ParticleFinder
  • Suitable for high throughput screening measurements with MultiWell module .
3D confocal volume Raman mapping

3D confocal volume Raman mapping


The XploRA Series is driven by LabSpec’s intuitive user interface enabling logical workflow through an experiment.
• HORIBA OneClick Raman operation
• Autocalibration
• Enhanced multi-page analysis reports
• Validated performance
• Sample methods for routine repetition
• User login accounts for system security
• 3D volume and topography imaging
• Enhanced on-the-fly image generation
• FLAT correction
• Extensive spectral database/libraries
• Easier chemometric processing
• ParticleFinder for automated particle location


screen shot showing a Raman hyperspectral map with univariate (cursor) and multivariate (MCR) analysis results. Loading spectra and statistics are displayed in the right hand tab.







Also part of the Horiba XploRA Series:

XploRA ONE: Analytical
Raman analysis has never been so easy!
The XploRA ONE offers new capabilities to the industrial and analytical user, providing the highest performance Raman, in a cost effective and robust instrument package.
It is ideal for routine analytical, research and quality testing applications.

• OneClick operation
• Auto-calibration in OneCheck
• Regulatory compliance: 21 CFR11


XploRA Nano

XploRA nanoThe XploRA PLUS and INV can add the NanoRaman (TERS) extension to probe nanometer structures and single molecules in a single compact, high performance system.


• AFM Raman module
• XploRA PLUS and INV versions
• TERS Ready: 10 nm resolution
• Multi-sampling geometry: upright-invertedside axis
• SWIFT™ Nano-Raman images
• High performance AFM functionality
• Integrated control and construction
• Stability and reliability



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