Blue Ocean Nova On-line Proces Analyzers for Liquids


Flow cell (Tri-clamp)

Tri-Clamp is the mostbon-triclamp-flow-cell ubiquitous connector to connect pipes and equipment components in the Food & Beverage industry as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a quick-release connection and generally available for diameters between ½“ and 4“.




Cleaning Validation (CIP)


The validation of a cleaning process is mandated in virtually any manufacturing process to prevent carryover of material above a predefined acceptable level from one product to another. Typically, samples of the rinse solution, chlorine, caustic clips or acids used for cleaning must be removed from the system and taken to the laboratory for analysis of the residual material in the rinsate. This greatly slows the cleaning process while adding to the laboratory test burden and significant cost increase due to excessive use of solvents.

BON’s TRITON products enable the user to detemine in real-time, when the concentration of the analyte reaches this predefined acceptable level and can actively stop the cleaning process, thereby saving signifcant expenses on solvents and increasing the efficiency of the manufacturing equipment.


Flow cell (Swagelok)


The chemical, petrochemical and biotech industries are using primarily Swagelok connectors for permanent connections, as oppose to quick-release connectors, such as Tri-Clamp. These connectors are very reliable in high-pressure installations, but still easy to operate. Swagelok connectors are usually available in sizes ranging from 1/16“ to 1“.



Trace level detection of crude oil

A common problem in refineries occurs during the process of fractional distillation when traces of crude oil occasionally spill over into the refined products with adverse consequences for downstream processing equipment. These spillovers manifest in subtle changes in color and turbidity of the refined products and byproducts. The BON Triton product series has been purposely built for process applications like this, including the certifications for hazardous areas.

crude oil










ATR probe


BON has developed special shafts for ATR probes that are are purpose built for the harsh requirements of rugged environment conditions. Based on ATR or HT-ATR immersion IR-fiber shafts, these can be used for process applications in the NIR & MIR spectral range to monitor reactions inline at temperatures ranging from -100°C to +250°C, with pressure ratings of up to 200 Bar.