StellarCASE Portable Raman Analyzer


The StellarCASE-Raman is developed for portable applications and field work allowing you to take the laboratory to your sample!

  • Rugged Case Raman System for “Open & Measure” Applications
  • Systems include a high performance Raman spectrometer, High power Laser, and vial holder
  • SpectraWiz ID Raman Library with Save/Search functionality included FREE. Save your samples and then search for matches!
  • The StellarCASE-Raman includes interior mounting of spectrometer instrumentation pre-configured with no additional setup required
  • Internal main power control system with ON, OFF, & Charge buttons and an 8 hour battery life for portable field applications





Real-time Analysis

The StellarCASE portable Raman produces near instantaneous results on your screen with a click of the analyze button.  Most Raman analysis involves sending your samples to a laboratory and waiting for your results. The StellarCASE-Raman allows you to bring your lab to your sample.  The system uses low cost, rugged spectrometers with diode array technology and can take your spectral scans in seconds!


Little to No Sample Prep

Raman Spectroscopy is a non-contact technique that measures the scattered light from your sample and requires little to no sample preparation. Additionally, the StellarCASE-Raman uses specialized optical components that allow you to take measurements through glass vials and even plastic baggies.


Easy to Use

Each StellarCASE-Raman is delivered with pre-installed SpectraWiz-ID molecular matching software. Using a familiar Windows interface allows users to launch the program via a desktop executable program. SpectraWiz-ID initializes with all of your pre-set configurations settings loaded. No calibration is needed and you simply set your sample into the vial holder and click “Analyze”.


Rugged and Portable

The StellarCASE-Raman is built rugged. No moving parts in the instruments optical bench means that it is shock-proof and vibration tolerant. Take your Raman system from laboratory to your field location; or even put it in the back of a police car.

The StellarCASE features an internal main power control system with ON, OFF, & Charge buttons. It has an 8 hour battery lifetime for field use and portable application and comes with AC power adapters for use in your laboratory or classroom.



DEMO libraries are provided and also has options for customizations and add-ons for your specific sample types. There SpectraWiz-ID software interface is simple and quickly enables users to develop their own libraries from their own set of samples if they choose. The interface is also capable of library transfers from other instruments. Please contact us for more information.



The StellarCASE portable Raman is affordable and nearly half the price of competitive products.



  • Anti-Counterfeiting– inks, paints, liquors, perfumes, etc.
  • Food & Beverage- Raw Material ID
  • Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical ID
  • SERS– trace substance detection using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
  • Semiconductor– Microstructure, Strain, Defects
  • Environment & Geological
  • Custom & OEM Applications– Develop your own Portable Analyzer
  • Academia & University Research


Raman ID Software & Libraries

  • SpectraWiz-ID for spectral matching of any type of sample is pre-installed
  • User friendly interface for both technical & non-technical users to make identifying substances & collecting Raman spectra simple
  • Raman library with save and search functionality included FREE.  Save your samples and then search unknowns for matches!
  • Provides clear, definitive results for identification with no user interpretation
  • DEMO libraries included with common organic solvents, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, minerals and other common chemicals




Spectrometer:                      Raman-HR
Spectrometer range:            200-2300cm-1
Laser wavelength                785nm (1064nm)
Measurement Speed:          <1 second
Optical resolution:               4cm-1
Detector type:                     Cooled CCD
Sample Type:                      vial- liquid, solid, powder, pill or SERS strip
Dimensions:                        6 x 11 x 13 inches
Tablet Specs:                       Win8/10
Software included:              SpectraWiz Spectral-ID