StellarCASE-LIBS Portable Elemental Analyzer





StellarCASE-LIBS is anew rugged and fully integrated portable Case System for elemental analysis using LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy).

The StellarCASE-LIBS includes interior mounting of spectrometer instrumentation pre-configured for “Open & Measure” application, with no additional setup required. With a simple press of the “FIRE” button instantaneous Atomic Emission Spectra is collected and elemental match results are displayed on your screen. The StellarCASE features an internal main power control system with ON, OFF, & Charge buttons. The LIBS sample chamber mounts directly into the system’s acrylic mounting surface for direct easy access and includes a safety interlock.

The systems excitation source is the world’s smallest 1064nm NDYaG laser with 25mJ per pulse. Once the laser strikes your sample a PLASMA is created which will cool and emit radiation specific to the elements inside your sample. The StellarCASE comes pre-configured with spectrometer instrumentation to covers 200-800nm with <0.2nm optical resolution. These spectrometers capture your samples emitted light spectrum and send the data to a top mounted tablet with factory installed SpectraWiz ID™ Software for elemental analysis.

The system is completed with a safety key lock and an 8 hour battery lifetime for field use and portable application and comes with AC power adapters for use in your laboratory or classroom.

StellarCASE-LIBS can be useful for a variety of applications. Here’s just a few:

  • Industrial materials analysis
  • Prospecting & Mining
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Homeland security measures
  • Military chemical and biological agents
  • Forensics analysis
  • Pharmaceutical R&D
  • Gemology and Counterfeit detection
  • Nutrient Solution Ingredients of Metals  Fe, Mn, Zn, Mg, K, P, N. etc..


LIBS Elemental Identification Software

  • SpectraWiz-ID application for “elemental matching” is pre-installed
  • Elemental results are displayed on your screen with data logging capability
  • Reporting and matching threshold control.  Adjust tolerance windows, intensity/concentration reporting thresholds, mask unwanted reported elements, discard plural matches, sort by highest concentration
  • Elemental Library contains multiple emission wavelength for each element and is user adjustable

StellarCASE-LIBS Sample Spectra

Spectral ID of 1.9% Beryllium + 98.1% Copper


StellarCASE-LIBS ID of 99.998% Silver



StellarCASE-LIBS Specifications & Pricing

Spectrometer channels:           3 standard (1 &2 channel optional)
Spectrometer ranges:               200-800nm wavelengths
Detector range:                         2048 pixel CCD array
Laser Type:                                Pulsed Nd-YAG @1064um
Laser model & rep rate:           Kigre MK-367. 1 Hertz
Laser lifetime:                           > 300,000 shots
Laser Power in:                        350 mA @ 12 VDC
Case Dimensions:                    6x11x13″
Data transfer speed:                1ms per second
Spectrometer Interface:          USB2 Hub
Power to sample:                     6 MegaWatts
Plasma chamber:                     2x2x3″
Tablet Specs:                            Contact us
Operating systems:                  Win 8/10