Single Reflection ATR Crystal

Extremely cost effective, signal enhanced and designed for disposable use. The patent-pending microstructures on the surface lead to a better signal-to-noise ratio and enhance the IR signal.


Versatile and Cost Effective

The sample carriers of ATR Elements boost the performance of any FTIR device. No cleaning anymore plus higher spectrum quality. Our silicon ATR crystals are cost effective too.





Our Basic ATR Crystal: as good as a diamond

Our innovative crystals are made of standard silicon wafers, which are microstructured by standard processes of the semiconductor industry. Silicon is very hard and suitable for a pH range from 1 to 12. The crystal can have almost any rectangular shape.

The basic sample carrier has the same performance as a single bounce diamond crystal and a broad spectral range which also covers the fingerprint region. It has a very high light throughput as the coupling area is large. The short optical path inside the ATR crystal makes the fingerprint region accessible.

Spectral Characteristics

The full spectral range starting from 1.9 µm can be accessed. The typical cut-off of silicon is avoided by the very thin ATR crystal. The penetration depth is comparable to a single bounce diamond ATR at 45°. The graph shows the absorption of water on the basic ATR crystal compared to a standard single reflection diamond ATR crystal.




signal enhanced ATR sample carrier (under development)

Extremely cost effective and designed for disposable use. This means that no more cleaning of the carrier is necessary and a high throughput of samples is achieved.

 Signal Amplification

The patent-panding microstructures on the surface lead to a better signal-to-noise ratio and enhance the IR signal. The result is a higher absorption and thus more distinct peaks.


By using standard silicon wafers as a basis for the ATR carriers an unmatched price level is achieved.
Microstructures on the surface of the silicon crystals enhance the absorption and lead to a better sensitivity.

Your Benefits

  • Very low price enables one-way use
  • Signal enhancement
  • Fingerprint region accessible
  • High throughput possible



  • Biofluids
  • High throughput of liquids
  • Hazardous samples



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