Resolve – Through-Barrier Handheld Raman Detection

Providing a revolutionary new capability in handheld detection, the Resolve system enables rapid detection and identification of explosives, narcotics and hazardous materials through sealed, opaque containers. The system rapidly detects and identifies materials from comprehensive libraries, with Agilent’s unique handheld SORS technology enabling positive identification through a wide range of sealed nonmetallic containers, barriers, and packaging.



Handheld Through-Barrier Identification

Resolve is the world’s only handheld Raman system that enables true through-barrier identification of hazardous or contraband materials. Resolve rapidly detects and identifies materials from comprehensive libraries including explosives, precursors, toxic industrial chemicals, chemical warfare agents and narcotics. 
Which other handheld spectrometer can do this?





Through-Barrier Mode

Identifies through nonmetallic, sealed containers such as colored and opaque plastics, glass, paper, wrapping, sacks, and fabrics.

Surface Scan Mode

Line-of-sight measurements, which are similar to conventional Raman identification systems. The Resolve system can analyze surfaces, exposed materials, and samples in clear glass vials or clear plastic bags.


Vial Holder Mode

Quickly identify materials contained within glass vials in a custom holder.

A New Capability for Hazmat, EOD and Law Enforcement

Enabling Faster, Safer Critical Decision-Making


  • Detects through colored and opaque plastics, dark glass, paper, cardboard, sacks and fabrics
  • Keeps hazardous material contained – no need to open or disturb objects
  • Fast – accurate identification of chemicals and mixtures in 1 minute or less, with no sample preparation or consumables
  • Unique optical technology significantly reduces the risk of igniting sensitive explosives
  • Rugged – built to withstand tough user environments
  • User friendly – large buttons, simple interface, designed for use in protective gear
  • Flexible on-board libraries: Explosives and precursors, hazardous and toxic materials, chemical warfare agents, narcotics and new psychoactive substances (NPS), household products, and less commonly-used chemicals. Plus, create and deploy your own libraries
  • Reachback Service – export files for analysis by our expert team


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