FT-IR Protein Analyzer


Prota-3S Brochure


Protein Structure Analyzer – Speed • Sensitivity • Simplicity

PROTA was introduced in 1998 as the first dedicated solution for structure elucidation of biologics and since has become the industry’s preferred choice. PROTA provides a fast, cost-effective and sensitive way to determine secondary structure of a protein or to follow structural changes due to perturbations. This turn-key system is designed to be used by both spectroscopists and non-spectroscopists. The new independent software is user friendly and intuitive guiding users through data acquisition and analysis. PROTA includes all of the functions, in one integrated package, required to link IR spectral data and protein structure.



  1. Comparability (batch-to-batch; biosimilars vs. innovator)
  2. Determination of Secondary Structures (α, β…)
  3. Formulation (liquids and solids), effects of excipients, pH and buffers
  4. Structure in Aggregates
  5. Protein-protein, protein-DNA/RNA and protein-drug interactions
  6. Crystallization Condition Screening
  7. Methionine Oxidation
  8. Drug Delivery
  9. Stress Tests and QC
  10. Stability Studies (thermal and chemical)
  11. Presence of Si Oil
  12. Mutation Studies


Protein samples with concentrations as low as 0.10 mg/ml in H20 can be routinely measured with PROTA-3S

As fast as 1 Minute Protein Collection Time

PROTA-3S can be used to determine protein secondary structure with both solid and liquid samples